The Friday Political Thread: All Guns-a-Blazin' Edition


Unconvincing Quote of the Week
"You didn't care about black Africans when whites were killing them in Rhodesia." – New York City Councilman Charles Barron on Robert Mugabe.

The Week in Brief
– America's militias suffered a potentially crushing blow to their membership numbers.
– Blue-clad world-conquering egomaniacs overwhelmed and terrorized a small town.
– Millionaires finally caught a break already.
– Democrats looked to Bill Clinton's arch-enemy (or at least a runner-up) for salvation.

Below the Fold
– Terry Michael takes stock of Bob Barr's Naderization skills.
– Spencer Ackerman spends an afternoon with the men who brought you (recently, at least) torture.
– Over on the other side of the Atlantic, the Labour Party comes in… fifth place.
– Quin Hillyer profiles the last GOP congressman who'll win this year.
– Doug Bandow turns Europe over to the Europeans.
– Bob Scheer discovers how the Democrats can waste money and act tough at the same time.
– Alex Massie. Football. Germans. Come on, just click it.

This week's Politics 'n' Prog is my gift to all of your Guitar Hero players.