Live from the LP Convention: The C-SPAN Debate Thread


I may only half-heartedly liveblog this debate, as I'll be focusing the other half on a more analytical piece for tomorrow morning. Also, I'll be on C-SPAN moments after the debate (around 11 p.m. ET) with my spin.

The stakes are pretty high for Bob Barr, whose chances depend on convincing a skeptical mass of delegates that he has "come to Jesus" on issues like gay marriage, the PATROT Act, Iraq, and immigration. If he's elusive or unforthcoming, I don't think he'll get another chance to win those delegates. The stakes are somewhat lower for Wayne Allyn Root, who's more favorably viewed by these delegates than Barr at the moment. Mary Ruwart and Steve Kubby pretty much have to show up and act natural. They'll got numerous opportunites to lace into the "Republican takeover" candidates, if they so choose.

Watch the debate live here.

7:08: Blogger's row internet access is mighty pokey, but I can say that Jim Pinkerton's introductions revealed a smattering of booes for Barr, Mike Gravel, and Ruwart. The loudness of the booes descended in that order.

7:12: Barr gives a jokey introduction, noting that a magazine called him (stage pause) "uncharismatic."

7:13: Gravel warns that electing one of the big two parties will deliver "more of the same." Preaching to the choir, here. "We are ruled lock stock and barrel by Wall Street and by the military-industrial complex." The Libertarian Party offers "freedom, freedom, freedom!"

UPDATE: Many apologies for not liveblogging the rest. Blogger's row was more of an academic term than a descriptive term for the area I was situated.