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Mike Gravel Crosses Over


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  1. What a dilemma for ObamaGirl! But there’s a way: Obama’s going to need a VP candidate.

  2. Well! Perhaps I underestimated Gravel’s appropriateness for office.

  3. The inability to view YouTube vids has me at a loss. Somebody care to sum it up?

  4. OK, we are officially in the movie Idiocracy.

    Why do you all have to talk like fags?

  5. Kwix,

    It is a horror so indescribable that I can only say you must wait until you get home…

  6. I thought that was funny. It was certainly much better than 2 minutes of gravel staring at a fire.

  7. Hilarious. Is this a great country, or what?

  8. Kwix, Obama Girl is playin’ on Obama.

  9. Aaah, I see. Thanks guys for saving me the long fall into the depths of the Ancient One’s Maw. May Cthulhu have mercy on your souls.

  10. Oh. my. god.

  11. wow. just wow.

    If Gravel somehow accidentally gets the LP nomination, he has my support as long as he promises to keep the vids coming…

  12. I predict Gravel has the LP nomination locked up.

  13. OK just a quick poll. How many now thing Gravel bought a one way ticket on the crazy train?

  14. In reality Gravel is running around 5th or 6th in the LP race.

  15. thing = think

  16. Warren:

    Don’t give him any ideas…

    I don’t want to suffer through a video of that song being sung by him…


  17. Is it hard to lip sync to Stephen Hawking’s computer? Now we know!

  18. If he’s the nominee, at least he’ll get publicity — and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  19. Why not just nominate Obama Girl for the LP candidate? She’d certainly get more attention from the networks. And rightfully so.

  20. Mike Gravel is too much of a genuine dullard to realize how phony he actually is.

    He has ruined every company he has tried to run.

    He’ll ruin the term ‘libertarian’ like the American socialists have ruined the term ‘liberal’.

    There is a reason why his wives divorce him.

  21. If he’s the nominee, at least he’ll get publicity — and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    No to sound like Edward, but *cough* newsletters *cough*…

  22. Odd post title. Wasn’t Crossing Over John Edward’s show?

  23. The horror….the horror…

  24. So to sum up – Become a libertarian, flirt with hot liberal chicks.

    That makes me optimistic. “Yes We Can” indeed.

  25. So to sum up – Become a libertarian, flirt with hot liberal chicks.

    You forgot “Try singing, have everyone else but you realize you are much better suited to your day job…”

  26. Warren: He’s not crazy. He’s an old guy with nothing to lose who’s absolutely having the time of his life, getting a gigaton of attention, and getting to meet cute liberals in the process. It’s a lifestyle we should all aspire to.

    I thought the “Rock” video was a thing of Zen brilliance.

    As someone pointed out, Hillary could learn a lot from Gravel: both are running doomed campaigns, but only one’s figured how to do it and leave the audience with a smile on its face.

    Hey, Taktix, some of us (myself included) are fags!

  27. Elf – he was referring to the movie Idiocracy. You’d have to see it (and it would be worthwhile).

  28. My God, it’s full of stars!

  29. here is the strawpoll for Indiana’s LP convention where Mike Gravel took part in a debate (Barr was of course absent). So I would say no Gravel isn’t quite the frontrunner yet.
    * George Phillies – 22
    * Bob Barr – 22
    * Mike Gravel – 20
    * Mary Ruwart – 19
    * Michael Jingozian – 16
    * Wayne Allyn Root – 16
    * Daniel Imperato – 4
    * Barry Hess – 3
    * Christine Smith – 2
    * Steve Kubby – 1
    * Alden Link, John Finan, Jim Burns, Dave Hollist, Robert Milnes – 0
    * NOTA – 5

  30. * George Phillies – 22
    * Bob Barr – 22
    * Mike Gravel – 20
    * Mary Ruwart – 19
    * Michael Jingozian – 16
    * Wayne Allyn Root – 16

    why anyone other than Phillies himself would vote for Phillies completely escapes me…

  31. I want to ride the Awesome Train with M-Grav

  32. Nice.

    This seems like an appropriate time to post the best quote of the entire political season:

    Mike Gravel: “Some of the candidates on this stage frighten me.”

    Moderator: “Which ones?”

    Gravel: “Well, the leading ones.” (Looks at Joe Biden) “And you, too. You’ve got a certain arrogance about you.”

    Senator Joseph Biden (D-Pwned!)

  33. ^ Paradox

  34. God, is it just me or am I the only one who couldn’t sit thru the whole video? (I mean that quite literally.)

  35. I don’t know about you, but if Gravel wins the LP nomination, I won’t be voting LP.

  36. For all Gravel fans:

    MIKE GRAVEL MASS DONATION DAY ON MAY 13TH, the Senator’s birthday!

  37. Donating money to Mike Gravel is like flushing your money down the toilet.

  38. thats nonsense Gravel is educating the difficult to learn masses and so is profoundley forming the landscape of politics. And on all the issues he is dead right and a renaissance man. Meanwhile the masses of his critics are mean spirited phonies and fascists who do not care about fellow humans the do not want healthcare or education on a more equal basis they think the priviledged have the right only.

  39. God, what a loser/moron/joke.

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