Money, It's a Crime/Share it Fairly but Don't Take a Slice of My Pie


That was then.

This is now.

"Why don't we hold these Wall Street money-grubbers responsible for their role in this recession?" Clinton asked at an Indiana Democratic Party dinner in Indianapolis tonight.

There's a question of fairness here: Are Clinton's panders any worse than the average politician's panders? Is Hillary's discovery of Huey Long, I-wanna-live-like-common-people, hold-an-event-on-a-flatbed-truck (seriously) any more offensive than, say, John Edwards's embrace of the same aesthetic? I think so. Edwards didn't count Robert Rubin as one of his advisers, whereas Clinton does, and as recently as 6 weeks ago was promoting him as a fix-it-man in her administration. Part of Clinton's pitch in the first place, part of her appeal, was that she and her husband had spent eight years running the country. She knows a tactical strike on "money-grubbers' won't happen. (If it did, what would happen to Chelsea's company?)

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