Aussie Doc Proposes $47,000 per Donated Kidney to Relieve Chronic Shortages


An Australian doctor has proposed that the government pay up to $47,000 for kidney donations to overcome a chronic shortage.

The suggestion has touched off debate around the country on the idea, which critics say will end in the poor selling their organs to the rich.

Kidney specialist Gavin Carney says allowing the sale of organs would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in care for patients on transplant waiting lists.

He also says it would stop people from buying organs on the black market in developing countries, where they pursue risky, unregulated surgeries.

And the predictable response from the Aussie medical establishment, despite the country's low rate of donation? Don't even think about it: "The idea was dismissed by Health Minister Nicola Roxon, who said Australians would not be allowed to market their organs.

A few weeks ago, reason.tv host Drew Carey looked at how open markets in human organs would make everybody involved much better off.

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