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One Vice at a Time, Please


This week the Atlantic City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking on casino floors. Although the rationale is employee protection, casinos that elect to build separately ventilated smoking lounges, as permitted by the ordinance, have to make sure no gambling occurs there, even the automated kind. Urging the Casino Association of New Jersey to file a lawsuit challenging the ban, Donald Trump complains that it gives slot parlors in the Philadelphia area an unfair competitive advantage. 

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported yesterday that charitable groups in states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Washington, and Minnesota have seen a sharp drop in bingo attendance and revenue in the wake of smoking bans:

Managers of charity bingo games…say smoking goes with bingo like peanut butter with jelly. Michael J. Surwill, bingo chairman at Elks Lodge No. 2501 in Ocean Springs, Miss., estimated that smokers outnumbered nonsmokers three to one at the lodge's weekly game….

Charlie Lindstrom, who runs the bingo nights at an American Legion post in Fergus Falls, Minn., said some of his former customers now drove to casinos on Indian reservations, where they can puff away, or across the border to Fargo, N.D., where veterans' organizations are exempt from that state's smoking ban.

One possible solution: allow smoking among consenting adults. Another one: impose a nationwide smoking ban, which would also take care of the accidents caused by drunken smokers looking for bars where they can light up. Which do you think is more likely?

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  1. Private property is a thing of the past.

  2. Donald Trump complains that it gives slot parlors in the Philadelphia area an unfair competitive advantage.

    The Donald is complaining? He feels screwed over? Well, there’s an argument in favor of the smoking ban, because anything that causes that horse’s ass grief is more than okay in my book.

    Maybe they could just ban smoking at HIS casino.

  3. Matchmaker . .

  4. OT:

    Saw on the news this morning that the NY cops who shot the unarmed guy 50 times the night before his wedding all got off.

  5. Which do you think is more likely?

    I think there’s about a zero percent chance of either. We always end up with the “muddled middle” of free and unfree.

    I bet that the anti-smoking crusade swings the other way in about 10-15 years.

  6. You surprised that I want to get rid of this money so quickly? Well, I’ll explain it to you: There was a time in my life that my chief interest was picking up money that didn’t belong to me. Now, stealin’s a weakness. There’s some people who say you shouldn’t have no weaknesses at all… no vices. But, if a man has no vices he’s in great danger of making vices out of his virtues. That’s a spectacle. We’ve all seen ’em. No… no… Nurse one vice to your bosom. Give it the attention that it deserves and let your virtues spring up modestly around it. I took to whiskey – whiskey took to me. Then I discovered one important rule that I’m going to pass on to you…”Never support two weaknesses at the same time.” It’s your ‘combination sinners’ that dishonor the vices and bring them into bad repute. There’s nothing worse than for a man to be a drunkard AND a thief. So, now you know why I want to get rid of this money. I want to keep my mind free to do credit to the whiskey that it deserves. And my last word to you is this: One vice at a time.

  7. I think there’s about a zero percent chance of either. We always end up with the “muddled middle” of free and unfree.

    Tyranny and Liberty in equilibrium? You don’t say!

  8. Meanhile, The New York Times reported yesterday that charitable groups in states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Washington, and Minnesota have seen a sharp drop in bingo attendance and revenue in the wake of smoking bans:

    In my younger, wild, rebellious days, I was a professional bingo caller. Those people smoke like chimneys. The air of the bingo parlor is blue with nicotine before the first ball pops out of the machine. You would think that, like bars, bingo business would increase because of smoke free laws. Right, nanny staters? Wouldn’t all of those non-smoking bingo fans have filled the halls now that they are free of deadly second hand smoke, the worst killer since three mile island?

  9. @ J sub D

    I don’t think you should tell anti-smokers that you breathed all this second hand smoke and lived to tell the tale. They’ll put out a hit on you and claim you died from exposure to tobacco.

  10. Jacob, I almost sent you this story yesterday. Oddly enough, it’s related to your post here.

  11. Somebody like me who doesn’t use a car has to breath in all these fumes from those death machines. It’s about time we got rid of those as well.

  12. What about a ban on ugly people? I have to walk around all day, looking these wretched, deformed troglodytes who make me nearly vomit.

    And since nausea is a treatable illness, I demand protection from disease!

    People like you less when you’re diseased.

  13. When they passed the NY smoking ban I moved to Jersey City and took up smoking simply on principle. I remember thinking they’ll never ban smoking in Jersey due to the casinos.

    Then again, it also never occurred to me that our governor would take it up the ass.

  14. Matchmaker

    Ok, thanks to Malachi Stack, now I have to see this movie!

  15. The quote is from the 1958 version. I have no idea if the 90’s versions is any good (most remakes suck).

    The quoted rant is far better in the play than in the movie. There is an extended rant against people that have no vices describing some women and “dragons of purity”. Unfortunately, I could not find the script of the play from a “free” source.

  16. I was a professional bingo caller

    I saw that movie.

  17. The difference between no money and a little money is enormous and can change the world. The difference between a little money and a lot of money is trivial, and that too can change the world.

    from memory, apologies if there are errors

  18. Easy solutions for eating and drinking establishments. Most state laws regarding smoking still exclude private clubs. Turn your places into membership only places, charge $ 1 a year for membership and your patrons can smoke till their hearts content. Great loophole around the smoking bans.

  19. This comes, of course, mere weeks after the casinos demanded and received the “right” to allow smoking on 25% of their floors the last time they tried to ban smoking. Psych!

  20. In related news, the Chinese have banned cigarettes before firing squads

    also, sometimes I agree with TallDave. I fully support bans on the ugly, The BagOnHead program can be financed by taxing cigarettes, of course

  21. Peanut butter, eh? Don’tcha know? You can choke on that stuff.

  22. You’re going to be healthy by God even if we have to shove it down your throats!

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