The Green Fairy's Lollipops


To get you through the rest of the godforsaken primary season:

absinthe lollipops

For when politics isn't quite surreal enough on its own: Take two absinthe lollypops, watch CNN, and call me in the morning.

More on green fairy's (victorious) fight for a green card here and here.


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  1. Oh yeah, ordering a box of these for my desk at the office!

  2. Special brownies and special lollipops! Can man’s creativity know no bounds?

  3. I’ll stick with mushrooms, except I just might laugh too much.

  4. When I lived in Prague, some friends and I decided to test if the myths of Absinthe were true (the Czech Republic was, at least at the time, one of the few places you could legally buy it.)

    We bought a bottle and drained it in an hour. However, none of us went crazy. Although, wasn’t a libertarian at the time . . .

  5. Absinthe tastes disgusting why in fucking hell would you want the taste of it without the high.

  6. Travis:

    Are your absinthe lollys legal?
    […]Our Absinthe Lollipops contain an amount of thujone that is within the legal limits set by the US regulatory authorities and of the European Union.

  7. Bingo,

    I’ll stick with Absinthe shots. The taste of Abinsthe is something to endure not prolong.

  8. Had absinthe once and really enjoyed the taste (licorice is great). After downing most of the bottle with a friend, we were just really drunk. None of the wacky hallucinating that we’d heard so much about. I’ve since heard that that’s mostly a myth, sadly.

  9. Absinthe’s effects being overblown? Huh, that could be drug warriors OR drug sellers. Why would either lie to me?

    If it’s good enough for Marilyn Manson, it’s good enough for me. I wonder how high/drunk you could get from the lollipop form though.

  10. That sounds disgusting. I can think of much more useful green flavors.

  11. If that company sold Gold Scout cookies, they’d be made with real Girl Scouts.

  12. I know alchohol evaporates in cooking but what about Absinthe? Is there any actual Absinthe in this candy? Is it even worth it?

  13. An Honest Question,
    Absinthe is an alcohol tincture. Essentially it is a bunch of herbs and spices (wormwood being the herb of concern for the last 100 years) steeped in grain alcohol or brandy. This is then distilled to produce a clear beverage which is then colored and additionally flavored with either petite wormwood or natural/artificial colorants.

    So, technically, without the alcohol you do not have Absinthe. However, I suspect that what this company does is add some essential oils derived from said herbs and spices to the hot candy mix, thereby replicating some of the qualities of Absinthe, most notably the licorice taste from the anise and the bitterness from wormwood.

    For those who are worried about the “evil” thujone, I recommend you skip anything with sage in it this coming holiday season. You know, for the children.

  14. I’m told that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

  15. One of their other products? Maple-Bacon Lollypops.


  16. This should go over big with the goth crowd. I can see guys passing them out to the goth chicks at nightclubs like Bar Sinister, just to see them suck on something.

  17. I’ll stick with my Mansinthe, thank you very much, but those do appear intriguing.

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