Zogby Says It's Hillary in Penn by Ten


Today's Democratic primary in Pennsylvania is underway. Yesterday, pollster John Zogby released a survey showing that among likely primary voters in the Keystone State, Hillary Clinton was up 10 points, 51 percent to 41 percent, over Barack Obama.

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Over at Real Clear Politics, the average of polls has Clinton up by 6 percent:

Polling Data
Poll Date Sample Clinton Obama Spread
RCP Average 04/17—04/21 49.3 43.3 Clinton +6.0
InsiderAdvantage 04/21—04/21 712 LV 49 42 Clinton +7.0
Zogby 04/20—04/21 675 LV 51 41 Clinton +10.0
Rasmussen 04/20—04/20 722 LV 49 44 Clinton +5.0
Suffolk 04/19—04/20 600 LV 52 42 Clinton +10.0
PPP (D) 04/19—04/20 2338 LV 46 49 Obama +3.0
Strategic Vision (R) 04/18—04/20 1200 LV 48 41 Clinton +7.0
Quinnipiac 04/18—04/20 1027 LV 51 44 Clinton +7.0
SurveyUSA 04/18—04/20 710 LV 50 44 Clinton +6.0
Mason-Dixon 04/17—04/18 625 LV 48 43 Clinton +5.0
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The cable show chatter over the past couple of weeks has been that Hillary needs a double-digit win to pull super delegates her way. Not sure how much that matters but there's this non-bombshell all over Fox News this A.M.: Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker who is not liked by genre pioneer Frederick Wiseman, has endorsed Obama

Hit & Runners, do you care who wins Pennsylvania? Why or why not? In one sentence or less.

Update: Libertarian Democrat and reason contributor Terry Michael says no matter what happens today, it's over for Clinton. Read about it in the Wash Times:

A rush toward Mr. Obama will get underway in the early morning hours of April 23, before we elitist Democrats grab our caramel macchiattos at Starbucks. By the time we reach Whole Foods in the late afternoon of the day after, and before we can put those French lentils with baby carrots into the microwave, the march of super delegates toward ObamaLand will be viewable on our 47-inch flat panel displays, presented by the best political teams in the cable babbling cosmos.

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