Taco Truck Turmoil



Taco trucks are already treated as second class citizens. These vagrants of the food world are constantly being told to "move along, pal (or amigo, as the case may be)." But things might be about to get tougher for the noble, mobile purveyor of taco tastiness in L.A.:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering a new law that could leave the owners of taco and catering trucks facing jail time if they park in the same spot too long.

Currently, the food trucks that overstay the 30-minute limit in unincorporated Los Angeles County are subject only to a fine. But, as the San Gabriel Valley Tribune notes, the ordinance proposed by Supervisor Gloria Molina makes the violation a misdemeanor, which can carry jail time.

As long as there is money to be made, the taquerias will find a loophole. I've been known to give directions (like those mentioned in the original article) using food trucks as landmarks, and expect to be able to continue to do so, even if laws against the trucks become more robust nationwide. Tacos always find a way.

Via Baylen Linnekin