Hillary vs. Sinbad vs. the Snipers


Columnist Ron Hart on Hillary, Sinbad, and those phantom snipers:

Hillary starts telling this stump story and, like all politicians, she is of course the hero. She tells crowds that she withstood enemy sniper fire to assure our troops that they could see the second-rate comic stylings of Sinbad. Usually, our troops get to see Pamela Anderson and Jerry Seinfeld. Imagine how bad a war that must have been, and the disappointment in those soldiers' eyes, when they looked up and saw Hillary and Sinbad. I really think we owe our troops better.

Amazingly, holding the Democrats accountable for the truth in lieu of the media with their Democratic pompoms on was comic Sinbad, who kept pointing out that the story she had been telling people for three months was a crock. So to sum it up, Sinbad is now doing the media's job when it comes to scrutinizing the truth of Democratic candidates.

Outed by intrepid and embedded journalist Sinbad, the major media outlets found clear film footage of Hillary, peacefully shaking hands in the receiving line with Bosnian dignitaries.

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