Gratuitous D.B. Cooper Citing


He wasn't quite Patty Hearst or Bigfoot, but missing skyjacker D.B. Cooper, last seen jumping out of a big old jet airliner somewhere over Oregon with $200,000 in extorted cash, was one of the weird figures who made the 1970s such as a bizarre decade.

Now his parachute might have been found. Not that means the case is solved:

If it is Cooper's parachute, that will solve one mystery—where he apparently landed—but it will raise another, Carr said.

In 1980, a family on a picnic found $5,880 of Cooper's money in a bag on a Columbia River beach, near Vancouver. Some investigators believed it might have been washed down to the beach by the Washougal River. But if Cooper landed near Amboy and stashed the money bag there, there's no way it could have naturally reached the Washougal.

"If this is D.B. Cooper's parachute, the money could not have arrived at its discovery location by natural means," Carr said. "That whole theory is out the window."

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The FBI has been wasting its time and your tax dollars on this very cold case very recently.