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NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament Brackets…


Let the bitching and moaning, and obsessive viewing, begin.

No. 1 seeds include three predictables (North Carolina, Kansas, and UCLA) and one less-so (Memphis, though ranked No. 1 for a good chunk of the season).

Printable bracket diagram here.

Women's bracket to come.

And let me make a salient point, regarding reason's general philosophy: All these athletes should be getting paid something approaching their market value (which in many cases wouldn't be much more than a scholarship). And as much as I really love college sports and will be glued to the tube from here on out (rooting against at least three of the four No. 1 seeds), I agree with Milton Friedman that there's something fundamentally retarded about the whole concept of mixing higher learning with essentially pro-level sports. (And I should say that there's a similar problem at the K-12 level too, where sports always takes away from more clearly educational programming and culture; and I say that as a multiple letter-winner, not a sports-hater).