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Virginia is for Pasties


Your Tax Dollars at Work, Chapter MCMLXIII:

Starting July 1, the dancers at J.B.'s Gallery of Girls and Headlights will be making an addition to their scant wardrobes.

Pasties that cover a portion of a woman's breast will return on that date, provided Gov. Tim Kaine signs into law legislation intended to respond to a federal court ruling.

The ruling in August found that a Virginia law prohibiting lewd conduct at establishments with liquor licenses was unconstitutional and too broad….

Delegate John A. Cosgrove, Chesapeake Republican, sponsored the bill to get the pasties back on the dancers.

"The law had really never changed," he said. But once the judge prohibited ABC agents from enforcing it, club owners "just knew they could get away with it," he said.

A modified version of Mr. Cosgrove's bill was approved by the General Assembly.

The bill says a business can have its mixed-beverage license suspended or revoked if there is "entertainment commonly called stripteasing, topless entertaining, or entertainment that has employees who are not clad both above and below the waist."

Mr. Brown contends this part of the bill is unfair.

"Who's to say striptease isn't artistic?" he asked.

He said his dancers will comply if Mr. Kaine signs the bill, though he might challenge it.

A tiny little bit more here, via "America's Newspaper," the Washington Times. Don't legislators have anything better to do with their time? Maybe not.

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  1. “Don’t legislators have anything better to do with their time?”

    Don’t federal judges have anything better to do with their time? Recall that this law was in response to a federal court ruling in favor of the “First Amendment Rights” of this kind of establishment.

    If focusing on this subject is a waste of time, a distraction from more important issues, then such a criticism should be directed against *everyone* who spent significant time on this issue, including the federal courts.

  2. If this prevents one child from accidentally seeing one bare nipple………

    Jesus Gillespie, think of the children.

  3. I would think that Christians would promote stiptease. They consider homosexuality evil incarnate. Well, striptease promotes (not just my) heterosexuality. So lets hear it for the nipples.

  4. Virginia doesn’t let the strippers get nekkid, as I understand it. Was the nipples thing a recent relaxing of that rule, and now it’s back?

    I was talking to a stripper in a Newport News strip club and I said to her “so do you go to school or something?”; you know, the old “I strip to make money to get through medical school” deal.

    She looked right at me and said “no”, basically challenging me to have a problem with that.

    I said, “oh, cool, I’m down with that, I’m a libertarian”.

    She liked that.

  5. Bible thumping primates piss me off. What offends them is the highly evolved form of the modern female’s body. If these strip clubs could train red ass baboons to dance on stage, there would be standing room only levels of bible thumpers in attendence.

  6. Man, it’s too bad that there isn’t a poster here who has ever been a stripper in that part of the country.

  7. Oh, I forgot to add that, having lived in both North and South VA, I can attest to the fact that here are all sorts of state government regulations that are enforced in the south that no one bothers with in the north.

    Food handler certificates were one of them. They had a regular racket going in the south demanding that all waiters have these things. I had never even heard of them in NoVA. Not worth it up here, I guess.

  8. But as a counterpoint to mk’s true fact, the crystal city restaurant is just about the worse strip club in the world

  9. Virginia doesn’t let the strippers get nekkid, as I understand it. Was the nipples thing a recent relaxing of that rule, and now it’s back?

    When I worked at JB’s Gallery we had to wear the stupid pasties, though I left Virginia in 1994. So apparently, at some point in the last 13 years, the rules moved a little closer to sanity and then ran screaming away from it.

  10. Strip joints could get around this if they didn’t sell alcohol. I remember such “juice bars” in L.A. that still did a thriving business.

    Virginia liquor laws (and that’s really what this is) are silly in all kinds of ways. You can’t buy retail alcohol after midnight, for example.

  11. What the hell is the difference between a man’s nipple and a women’s? If men can go shirtless, why can’t women. Oh, I forgot, it’s these same men that sexualize and objectify women’s bodies in the first place. Maybe we should just force them to wear blinders. I don’t appreciate being objectified or constantly sexualized. My body, I do what I want with it, including get naked if I want.

  12. quite frankly, when people go to a strip club, they go to see somone at least patially naked.
    and overall, its their responsibility to do what some call “moral”. by making strippers wear those…whatever they are, you will make these horndogs look elsewhere for their fix. (such as prostitution, or illegal pornography)

  13. They say with sexs that if you do weirder and weirder things this make you a sex criminal of sorts this story confirms that Christians have been there done that and are looking out for our best interests knowing full well how the dangers the sins of the flesh can make sinners of us and then some

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