Civil Liberties

Virginia is for Pasties


Your Tax Dollars at Work, Chapter MCMLXIII:

Starting July 1, the dancers at J.B.'s Gallery of Girls and Headlights will be making an addition to their scant wardrobes.

Pasties that cover a portion of a woman's breast will return on that date, provided Gov. Tim Kaine signs into law legislation intended to respond to a federal court ruling.

The ruling in August found that a Virginia law prohibiting lewd conduct at establishments with liquor licenses was unconstitutional and too broad….

Delegate John A. Cosgrove, Chesapeake Republican, sponsored the bill to get the pasties back on the dancers.

"The law had really never changed," he said. But once the judge prohibited ABC agents from enforcing it, club owners "just knew they could get away with it," he said.

A modified version of Mr. Cosgrove's bill was approved by the General Assembly.

The bill says a business can have its mixed-beverage license suspended or revoked if there is "entertainment commonly called stripteasing, topless entertaining, or entertainment that has employees who are not clad both above and below the waist."

Mr. Brown contends this part of the bill is unfair.

"Who's to say striptease isn't artistic?" he asked.

He said his dancers will comply if Mr. Kaine signs the bill, though he might challenge it.

A tiny little bit more here, via "America's Newspaper," the Washington Times. Don't legislators have anything better to do with their time? Maybe not.