The Friday Political Thread: "If She's Not a Monster, How Come She's Still Moving?" Edition


Unconvincing Quote of the Week
"Mike Huckabee Crosses Finish Line In Presidential Run"—the former governor's press release on his decision to quit the race.

The Week in Brief

– Hillary Clinton won primaries in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, surviving to fight on and retooling her strategy even as Barack Obama maintained a delegate lead.

– John McCain clinched the GOP nomination for president, and Mike Huckabee left the race.

– Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich won their re-election bids.

– The new head of the Republican National Committee Victory effort? Yes, it's Rudy Giuliani's former campaign manager.

Below the Fold
– David Corn shames the Clinton campaign for making hay out of Samantha Power's bluntness.

More by Jacob Heilbrunn on the same issue.

– Patrick Ruffini—who has alternately greatly overestimated or greatly underestimated the Ron Paul movement, but who's otherwise very on the ball—talks at length about how the internet can democratize the GOP's 2008 campaign.

– Mark Hemingway chats with Larry Lessig, who clearly isn't done with politics.

– David Boaz pays tribute to WFB.

– Cliff Bostock comes out, boldly, against the elderly.

When the primary gets fierce, my Politics n' Prog selection node seeks out songs about warfar. Thus, Wishbone Ash.