Ron Paul's Challenger


Still-running presidential candidate Ron Paul, as readers here know, is facing a not-insignificant GOP primary challenge in the Lone Star State's 14th congressional district, from a fella named Chris Peden. Showing unusual skill with a tape-recording device, Wonkette tracked down the Pedster for an interview about the man he seeks to unseat. Some highlights:

His voting record is … it's horrid—351 pieces of legislation he sponsored, six came out of committee, and none have ever passed. And if you go back and look, he just regurgitates the same pieces of legislation. "Restore the Second Amendment." What does that mean, exactly? […]

He's up there to make a point, not a difference. He wants to be called out of order because then it's unique and it's unusual, and he gets press, or at least Roll Call will say "Here he goes again." But you know, if you do that once a year or once a term, it works. If you do it three or four times a day, it gets old. […]

[Paul's supporters] hate me. And they've been very vociferous with their hate. We did have some threats at our house, and our younger two boys, we relocated those to my parents' house for safety reasons because you just never know. This is a crazy world.

We did contact Ron and tell Ron to put out there that they should stop it. And they did, we didn't get any more calls after that. He had nothing to do with it, he didn't orchestrate it, he's not that kind of a guy.

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