War on Drugs

No Bond for Ryan Frederick


The accused Chesapeake cop killer was denied bond today.

The official account of the raid seems to be changing. Special prosecutor Paul Ebert now says that Det. Jarrod Shivers was in Ferderick's front yard when he was shot. And he said he may elevate the charge to capital murder, the knowing and intentional killing of a police officer.

Those two items raise all sorts of questions. We first heard Shivers was merely outside the door when he was shot. We then heard he was crawling through a door panel. Now we're told he was in Frederick's front yard. If that's the case, where was he in relation to other officers? At what point in the raid was Shivers shot?

The suggestion of elevating the charge smacks to me of a PR move. Is Ebert really planning to argue that Frederick knowingly and intentionally took on a team of raiding cops so he wouldn't get caught with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana? There's not a hint of violence in this guy's past.

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CORRECTION: My assertion that "we then heard [Shivers] was crawling through a door panel" is incorrect. Explanation here.