Cthulhu Is Just All Right With Me


I'll warn you that the execution of this isn't quite as rich and hilarious as the concept might allow, but I'm a bit of a sucker for Cthulhu comedy. Herewith, an example of a Great Old One worshipper running for president and, Romney-style, trying to convince the American people that despite his eccentric beliefs, he's OK.

Link via Todd Seavey, author of our current print issue's cover story on nanotech (already in the hands of subscribers).

Cthulhu, mentioned a suspiciously large number of times here at Hit and Run.

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  1. Cthulu: Why vote for the lesser evil?


  2. the best, and hilariously captioned here.

  3. I highly recommend the HP Lovecraft Historical Society for Cthulhoid goodness; I currently have a Miskatonic University diploma and a Certificate of Insanity from Arkham Asylum framed and hanging on my game room wall.

    I haven’t yet scrawled blasphemous and unholy runes on the backs of those documents (for my descendants to discover after I die in what will undoubtedly by horrible and/or mysterious circumstances), but I intend to do so as soon as inspiration fully strikes. Mwahahahaha!!!

  4. My God Can Eat Your God

  5. speaking of hilarity…

    And Hope, too!

  6. It’s not one of his big ones, but “Rats In The Walls” has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Here’s an online text. (Beware the mind-searing white text on black background.) If you back out of the link the site has all his works on-line.)

    Also, anyone with even a slight interest in SF or Lovecraft should really check out The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross. Think (Lovecraft + (Dilbert-suck))x((James Bond-martinis)+ Space Nazis)

  7. I second the Charles Stross recommendation. However, I’d replace the Dilbert-suck portion of the formula with BOFH.

  8. I agree. I’ve never actually seen BOFH before.

    (I’ve never been too interested in text-based adventure games.)

  9. I feel I’m finally in a forum where someone might appreciate a similarity I’ve oft noticed; Isn’t the occult background and storyline of the Marvel comic miniseries, DARKHOLD: PAGES FROM THE BOOK OF SINS strikingly similar to the Cthulhu Mythos?

  10. Cthulhu is just alright
    But he never got you high

  11. On a similar note, Lincoln Chaffee did a Zell Miller and endorsed Obama today.

  12. …Lincoln Chaffee [sic] did a Zell Miller…

    Chafee has not:

    spoken at a Democratic convention
    challenged anyone to a duel
    lost his fucking mind

    …but other than that, sure. Chafee is just like Zell.

    I voted for the guy, and am still kinda bummed that he lost. Likely as not, though, he’ll be our next governor anyway.

  13. Well, Elemenope, they both represent endangered species. Deep South Democrats and New England Republicans, respectively.

  14. True. Only, the first I wouldn’t mind if they went extinct. The second, on the other hand, are sort of cute…like the long lost relatives of Teddy Roosevelt’s baby bear, or something.

  15. I can’t believe Randolph Carter hasn’t shown up yet!

    That is not unelectable
    which can eternal lie,
    And with strange elections
    Even democracy may die.

  16. “The restoration of Cthulhu is a necessary part of the restoration of America.”

  17. There is another good Cthulhu site called Temple of Dagon who I have been known to contribute to. Those of you who are interested in Cthulhu could read my numerous contribution to the pantheon here.

  18. H.P. Lovecraft is the only author whose words-on-a-page ever caused me to throw down the book, jump up, and yell “Aaaaa! Aaaaaaa! Aaaaaaa!” as if I was watching a horror movie and the monster jumped out.

    He certainly has his shortcomings as an author, but I have to respect anyone who can do that with the written word.

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