Varied Reactions to Ron Paul's Scaling Back His Presidential Campaign


From the national Libertarian Party executive director Shane Cory, an email call for Paul's supporters to support the LP. An excerpt:

Many of our own members, maybe even you, have been enthusiastic supporters of Dr. Paul's campaign over the past year. Many thousands have given their time, money and their passion to support the efforts of Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

The efforts of these thousands of supporters were noble, but in the end, Republicans rejected Dr. Paul's message of peace, prosperity and freedom.


This leaves the Republican Party right where it started and where it has been for many, many years—a party without principle. With its partner on the left, both parties continue to represent a compromising beast that continually thirsts for more power at the expense of our liberty, our property and our privacy.

In stark contrast, the Libertarian Party stands firm. Our values are unwavering. Our commitment is unstoppable.


The Libertarian Party is the last remaining stronghold for liberty in American politics.

Unfortunately, the Ron Paul campaign has unintentionally taken a toll on our party. Many of our members have changed their voter registration to vote for Ron Paul in a primary while others have allowed their support to lapse as they gave all that they could for a candidate that represented their values.

Early on, I made the decision to not interfere or discourage this activity. I felt it was wrong for me to place our party above such an incredible opportunity for liberty that existed with Dr. Paul's run for the White House.

But today, it's time to come home.

If you have switched your party registration, allowed your membership to lapse or have put off your decision to join the LP, I now ask that you reverse course and renew your support for our principled party.

In another reaction, a bevy of prominent Ron Paul campaign supporters make a public vow that the Revolution will continue, past the campaign. An excerpt:

We, the undersigned, having given proper and due consideration to the current situation of our country, do declare that it is our clear and determined Intention to continue the fight for Freedom and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic under any current or future circumstances. Our cause is not limited to or constrained by any electoral contest or result thereof….

Over at the National Ledger, however, Richard Mayhew thinks the whole Ron Paul deal was just a devilishly clever way to cripple the libertarian movement. Mayhew's conclusion:

If Ron Paul continues to string along his supporters until the Republican Convention in September, it will effectively dismantle the libertarian vote and the Libertarian Party. After September, the Libertarian Party will have no time to regroup as ballot access and filing deadlines would have long passed.

As a result, the Libertarian candidates that remain will make little impact on the 2008 elections, giving Republicans a fighting chance against their Democrat challengers.

The Ron Paul campaign may be known as own of the most successful political subversions of a large constituency in modern history. Some may call that "evil" but in the political strategy world, it was an amazing accomplishment.

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