With the Democrats deadlocked—Obama's campaign is spinning that they'll be less than 20 votes ahead by the convention—political activists are becoming insta-experts on "superdelegates," the elected officials and "party leaders" who get to cast free votes in Denver. Thus, Naturally, it's a Wiki.

This site is designed to help you learn more about the 796 DNC Super Delegates who will vote in the 2008 Democratic National Convention

We want this site to be comprehensive, and you can help us by adding biographical data to a delegate's page, linking to a press release announcing the delegate's endorsement, and including the general location of the delegate so that we can view the info on Google Maps and Google Earth. If you would like to contribute to this wiki (what's a wiki?), find a page where you have additional information, click "edit" and enter in your info. That's it!

The conventional wisdom seems to be that a primary tie will benefit Hillary Clinton. I'm not convinced. Superdelegates are mostly people who appear on ballots, and by August they'll have a good idea of who they'd rather have at the top of the ticket. Right now, that looks like Obama. A big event like Clinton winning Virginia or Obama winning Texas could move that CW forward or back.

Here's Katherine Mangu-Ward on our Wiki world.