Super Tuesday Part IV: 10 p.m.


On the Democratic side, Obama's late poll surge has truly held up: He's shredded Clinton's firewall in the northeast and is winning states (Delaware, probably Connecticut) where Clinton once led by better than 20 points. The states he loses he'll lose narrowly enough to score about half of the delegates. And the caucus states where he's expected to do well haven't been called yet. This isn't Clinton's nightmare scenario, but it's close.

On the Republicans' side, Huckabee is absolutely holding in the South: He could add Missouri and Georgia to his stack and come out of the night with five wins. Unless McCain wins Tennessee, Huckabee will sweep there.

Utah polls close at 10: Romney will win immediately, Obama is actually favored (in the final polls) to win. The Montana (Republican) caucus results will trickle in, as will the Colorado (both parties) caucuses.