Fly the Fleshy Skies


Reuters, via MSNBC, reports on one of the most stomach-turning airborne spectacles since the Hindenburg explosion:

German nudists will be able to start their holidays early by stripping off on the plane if they take up a new offer from an eastern German travel firm.

Travel agency OssiUrlaub.de said it would start taking bookings from Friday for a trial nudist day trip from the eastern German town of Erfurt to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom, planned for July 5 and costing 499 euros ($735).

Thank heaven for small favors:

The 55 passengers will have to remain clothed until they board, and dress before disembarking, said Hess. The crew will remain clothed throughout the flight for safety reasons.

More here.

Needless to say, I support totally deregulated air travel, including the right to do this. But suddenly flying coach on U.S. Airways got a lot more comfortable.

The other great German fashion faux-pas analyzed here.

Info on 2003 Naked Air Flight originating from Miami (pictured here).