Gary Johnson for Ron Paul


Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (a perennial dream candidate for the LP) has endorsed Ron Paul.

I am endorsing Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for President because of his commitment to less government, greater liberty, and lasting prosperity for America. We are at a point in this country where we need to reduce our dependency on government and regain control of our future. To this end, Ron Paul will bring back troops, end the War in Iraq, and will strengthen the U.S. dollar and the economy. For these reasons and more, Ron Paul has my support, respect, and vote.

Last year I talked to Johnson about Orange Line Mafia chatter that Bill Richardson, his successor in the big chair, might be a Libertarian Democrat.

I don't think Bill Richardson has got much to offer libertarians. He plays up the fact that he cuts taxes when, if you add up all the fees he's approved, there's been a net tax increase. It's an indictment of Cato and the Club for Growth that they'd consider him a tax cutter… It makes me a little less impressed by the good grades Cato gave me.

Michael Lynch's seminal interview with Johnson is here.