Free Trade

Lou Dobbs: American Know-How, Worth Every Penny


For them that say a hearty "feh!" to the sort of free trade arguments made by Steven Landsburg, you at last have an all-American horse, shoed by a high-wage American worker, to ride to Washington: Draft Lou Dobbs for President!

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  1. Tancredo with jowls?

  2. Trade agreements, huh? So, that’s what he’s been doing since “Barney Miller”!

  3. “Mex…Mexicans! They’ll do it! They’ll do anything! Who here knows Spanish?”

  4. Do we really need another fat sack of shit running for president? Doesn’t Huckabee have that angle covered?

  5. We can’t even get dressed without putting on clothes that were stitched together by a leper in Juarez.

  6. If Lou Dobbs were running against that ignorant, hillbilly yahoo preacher, I.d vote for him. If he were running against this guy, probably not.

  7. We already have a “draft” candidate in the running. You may have heard about him, or at least seen him on a certain NBC crime drama series. He goes by the name of Fred Thompson, and he isn’t exactly doing too good in the numbers that REALLY count (i.e. caucus and primary results). The numbers would probably be better if it was his “Law and Order” character was running for office instead of him.

  8. Dobbs/ Buchanan ’08

    Let’s get this coutry back on track.

  9. “coutry”

    stupid keyboard

  10. Let’s get this country back on track.


  11. Geez, Brian, does everybody at Reason have to weigh-in on this free-trade non-story? I mean, it’s not like Reason hasn’t covered the crap out of it. I’m sure that Lew Rockwell could fire up a newsletter for Dobbs that’d give some very compelling arguments for why we shouldn’t let the scary brown people take our jorbs.


  12. Is Lou’s position on border security and North American trade that much different than Ron Paul’s? If Lou would just come out against the war and give a few peons to small government, why couldn’t Lou be the kind of guy Reason could get behind? It is a now wierder marriage than hippie Reason Libertarians and Christian, Creationist, Stop the North American Highway Ron Paul.

  13. anybody in north carolina’s 4th district, please considering supporting this guy

  14. Lou Dobbs is a neofattopopulitarian and is therefore unworthy even of my contempt.

  15. John –

    you encapsulated EDWEIIIRRRDDDOOO’s “arguments” in a much more consumer-friendly, mass-customization way.

    Sort of a “Z Pak” of comments.

    *two snaps and a circle*

  16. Dobbs and Rockwell ticket? Awww yeah. The Nativist Confederacy ticket. What could be better?

    Though, I kinda agree about this being a bit better than Huckabee …

  17. javier – you have to be fucking kidding. right wing populism?

  18. you encapsulated EDWEIIIRRRDDDOOO’s

    Who is Edweiireddoo? Sorry I don’t follow.

  19. you encapsulated EDWEIIIRRRDDDOOO’s

    Who is Edweiireddoo? Sorry I don’t follow.

    This John is obviously an impostor.

    Incidentally given Lew Rockwell’s passionate and consistent defense of free trade (the real kind – not the faux intricately regulated, managed kind) I don’t think he and Dobbs would form an alliance.

  20. This John is obviously an impostor.

    Not necessarily. My given name is John David. If I posted with John, John D, John David, or JD in boards like this, I’d likely be stepping on somebody’s handle. Hence, J sub D.

  21. Dobbs/ Buchanan ’08

    Let’s put this country on the train tracks and wait.

  22. J sub D,

    I’m lucky enough to have a weird hyphenated first name that eliminates that problem.

  23. Reason has really gone downhill the past couple of months since they started posting about Lou Dobbs … !

    I’m shocked that you people are jumping on the hate-Dobbs bandwagon … !

    Cancelling my subscription now … !

    For a magazine called Reason … !

  24. Speaking of “every penny”, how much would the MexicanGovernment pay Reason… if anyone cared what Reason said?

    The reader might want to think through whose interests and aims Reason is really serving. We’ll never get rid of the welfare state, so by continuously supporting IllegalImmigration, Reason is enabling corporate welfare. They also enable things like PoliticalCorruption and foreign governments getting even more PoliticalPower inside the U.S. Libertarians claim to support a national defense, yet they would allow foreign governments to undermine our entire PoliticalSystem.

  25. Christ.

    someone needs to put this guy in a sitcom or someting

  26. The reader might want to think through whose interests and aims Reason is really serving.

    Let me guess.

    is it one compound word, starting with “M”, ending with “t”, with a strange capitol “G” funged in the middle??!

    Uhm! Uhm… uhm….can’t remember…. shucks

    the jews?
    the SpaceAliens?
    MS-14 (new and improved, luckier than 13)?

    God, i’ve got to get close sometime.

  27. Clearly none of you have ever seen RED DAWN… possibly the most accurate portrayal of the future CommunistLatinoImmigrationInvasion

    you are all traitors to RealAmerica

  28. Dobbs for dogcatcher…(not)

  29. haven’t watched lou dobbs in quite a while (he angries up the blood too much), so i noticed this week that he looks like he’s aged about ten years in the last couple months. saggy jowls, slurred speech. did he have a stroke or something? seriously. he looks awful. hmmm…must have been the mexicans.

  30. I would support Lou Dobbs!

    He is Pro-choice.

    He believes in Global Warming and wants to stop it.

    He supports Public Education and is against school vouchers/private school funding with tax dollars.

    He is a conservationist/environmentalist.

    He supports American middle class and low-income workers.

    He stands up against Corporate interests.

    He supports Gay Rights.

    He supports punishing greedy employers who hire illegal foreign national workers. He is not racist. His wife is a Mexican-American. His wifes Mexican Immigrant parents also live with Lou and his wife.

    Draft Lou!

  31. Or, just watch the idiot on CNN

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