If You're Going to Live in America…


you should at least learn to speak and write in English.

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  1. No, Radley, it’s Engrish.

  2. I majored in a dead language.

  3. No way. Ha ha pretty funny if it’s genuine (not photoshopped)

  4. Is that Florida?

    Get a brain, morans!

  5. Down with this sort of thing.

  6. It’s obvious she was running out of room on the sign and had to make a hard choice for democracy.

  7. No Amenity!

  8. No Am tity!

  9. Get a brain, morans!

    Check out the dude in the back left with the American flag doo-rag (now that spells Patroitism in any language)! Is that him?

  10. Cut the old bag some slack.

  11. joe, you’ve got a typo there.

    It’s spelled b-r-i-a-n-s

    Now who’s the moran?

  12. chemist,

    no antimony?

  13. Actually that is pretty funny Radley. Almost as funny as the various “fuck it is still Mexico” signs and the like that were at the illegal immigrant rallies last year. Reason of course will be publishing pictures of those and other signs real soon I am sure.

  14. Making fun of people because they don’t speak a foreign language perfectly = snobbish, unfunny

    Making fun of people because they can’t write a two-word statement in their native tongue properly = teh funny

  15. It is the fault of the pubic school system.

  16. If only she had gotten a liberal arts education…

  17. Making fun of people because they can’t write a two-word statement in their native tongue properly while in the act of condemning others for not being like them, one criticism often being due to their poor grasp of English= teh funny

    There, fixed…


  19. one criticism often being due to their poor grasp of English


  20. no antimony?

    Hey, stop dumpin’ on us!

  21. joe’s rule of grammar criticism strikes again. Either that or I’m still a little drunk from last night’s combined Steelers victory and Pitt’s upset of Duke.

    Merry Christmas…

  22. Could somebody with access to photoshop please change the little girl’s sign to “honkies for english”?

  23. I once had to mediate a dispute between two property owners over which one was going to get to buy a little sliver of city-owned land between their lots. One of them was a Cambodian fellow who owned a two-family, and the other was a Portugeuse guy who owned a single-family home.

    I had a great deal of trouble understanding the Portugeuse gentleman. After a few minutes, I realized he was complaining about the Cambodian immigrants. “Dey should-a go home!”

  24. Lamar – check your email.

  25. Much a’do about nothing!

  26. That’s so cute!

    Here’s another cute photo.

    Say, maybe Reason could pick up a few bob. If you’re going to support corporatism by not asking employers to pay the *full* cost of their labor, you might as well get a cut, right?

    It’s easy, too. Get their number here: The guy you want to speak to is Arturo.

  27. Don’t forget about those ‘Minutemen’ who are keeping Mexicans out of this country by builing a wall of beer cans 1000 miles long…reinforced by confederate flags.

  28. BakedPenguin: That is absolutely rich! I just hurled Christmas fudge. That photoshop makes it look so real, and reveals deeper truths…..

  29. At the immigration rally thing they held in Tucson about 2 years ago, a few noble patriots gathered outside the Mexican consulate to burn the Mexican flag on the street. There was video on the local news of an angry man rolling over the burning Mexican flag on his motorized wheelchair.

    It was awesome.

  30. …not that they hate Mexicans or anything…

  31. That chick is two crumbs short of a cracker.

  32. Lamar – Photoshop is teh awesome. I’ll stick this up at Urkobold…

  33. Lamar and BakedPenguin,
    May I remind you that this is a PUBLIC FORUM and there will be no PRIVATE SHARING of INFORMATION, as per federal law.
    I thereby order you to POST THE PHOTO IN QUESTION at this here sectoid of the intertubular.
    Thank yoiu.

  34. Taktix, Blair is the stuff. Amazing for a kid that wasn’t highly touted at all.

  35. Jamie – see my last post. Or just see this.

    prolefeed! Warning! Warning! link to Urkobold above!

  36. “yall ferners wan be American yall gown hafta lern to talk like mericans and also stop with all this illegalism and takin taxes”

  37. Check out the dude in the back left with the American flag doo-rag (now that spells Patroitism in any language)! Is that him?

    Heh … but you know, you could have spelled “patriotism” a little more adriotly.

  38. No Amity!

  39. Birthright citizenship similarly rewards lawbreaking, and must be stopped. As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be citizens, the perverse incentive to sneak into this country remains strong. Citizenship involves more than the mere location of one’s birth. True citizenship requires cultural connections and an allegiance to the United States. Americans are happy to welcome those who wish to come here and build a better life for themselves, but we rightfully expect immigrants to show loyalty and attempt to assimilate themselves culturally. Birthright citizenship sometimes confers the benefits of being American on people who do not truly embrace America. –Ron Paul “The Immigration Question”

  40. What Ron Paul says!

  41. Just a clarification: when R. Paul says “birthright citizenship … must be stopped” does he mean that if my great-grandfather legally came to the US 1900 and became a citizen, and my grandfather and father and I were born in the US and were citizens because of that, that should I have kids under a Paul presidency they would have to pass a citizenship test and somehow show the proper allegiance to the USA to become a citizen? Or is he limiting this to non-citizens having children in the US who therefore become citizens?

    Not that I’m against either position, but I’d like to know what is thinking is here.

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