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Tired of Radio Nowhere and Radio GaGa, and sitting near a computer all day? Internet broadcasting and grassroots Ronmania brings us Ron Paul Radio. Creator DJ Lo Ti explains his purpose:

The internet is becoming the mainstream, despite what the television claims, and I want to make Ron Paul Radio THE premiere source for coverage of news and events regarding the advancement of freedom in the 2008 elections. By providing you with great freedom supporting hosts and shows around the clock, we are breaking free from the restrictions imposed by the controlling corporate conglomerates. We CAN make a difference, and the internet has been a wonderful tool for freedom enthusiasts to reach out to other like-minded people. So to that end we're going to bring you as much live and exclusive coverage as possible, backed up with quality news and analysis from our great line up of hosts, all while having a good time and celebrating this exciting time in history.

For those who find audio just isn't enough to satisfy their Ron Paul yearnings, or whatever other yearnings they might have, there's always the Hotties for Ron Paul calender.  

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  1. We are very new with regular folks as Hosts – Maybe you can have a show too!? Thanks for checking us out!

    Hemminger LIVE
    M-F 8am-10am Eastern

  2. Ron Paul Radio is getting better every day.

  3. There will be live coverage for the Tea Party make sure to tune in!

  4. I’ve been listening to Ron Paul Radio almost every waking moment for nearly two months. It keeps me company while working on campaigning activities, like letter writing.

    The interesting thing is how the amateur (meant in a good way) style of the station has ‘detoxed’ me from corporate radio. At first it was a bit strange, but after a while I simply couldn’t listen to corporate radio anymore. The contrast was staggering – the professional, in-your-face, constant barrage of commercial radio is so jarring to me now.

  5. […]the internet has been a wonderful tool for freedom enthusiasts to reach out to other like-minded people[…]

    With as many computer programmers as there are in the libertarian movement, you’d think we would have made better use of the Internet thus far. Take a look at most of the LP state chapter web sites. They’re complete and total dog shit. Ditto for ISIL, the Advocates, etc. Reason’s site is not bad, but it’s the rare exception to the rule.

    Now, look at all the stuff the Ron Paul Revolutionaries are doing online. They’re doing all sorts of creative stuff with YouTube video editing, graphic design, and integration of all sorts of Web 2.0 services (Chipin, Digg, FeedBurner, PayPal, etc.)

    My theory is that Paul’s campaign has drawn people over from the anti-war left, and that there tend to be more mass communications majors and creative types (designers, artists, video jocks, etc.) among that crowd.

    I hope they stick around. We really need their kind if we are going to communicate our ideas to a wider audience.

  6. Getting the word out now is of utmost importance to Ron Paul’s campaign. The internet is an important tool that is being recognized in a big way. Ron Paul Radio is a huge part of a community reaching out to inform the public that the status quo can be yours by involvement. Personalities that reach across the MSM divide. One of my personal favorites George Hemminger and you can find him on “Hemminger Live”, doing his part in the Ron Paul Radio patriot community.

  7. A Ron Paul thread! I can’t wait to hear what Edward thinks about this. I hope he posts! Do you think he’ll post?

  8. Here’s the article on Digg – Got 7 comments and 14 diggs

  9. The Houston chronicle posted this not so flatering article about Dr No.

  10. Sorry, not so flattering should have been in scare quotes

    “not so flattering”

  11. I also wanted to add that his stance on sexual harassment, and his about face on his immigration position is disappointing to say the least

  12. RPR is where it’s at (two turntables AND a microphone!), tune in all day on the sixteenth for twenty-four hour coverage of events nationwide!

  13. Come on Reason editors, hotties they may be but it is a calendar not a calender.

  14. Thanks for the news article. We have been in the top 20 internet radio streams on shoutcast after only being up for 3 months.

    Since politics involves every person on the planet, I don’t know how much more famous or well-known the President of the United States could be.

    Show me anything that any other candidate has that even compares to what Ron Paul has, lets face it, Hillary and Obama are bought and paid for, especially Hillary. Kuchinich and Gravel aren’t looking good vs. their rivals, and any republican is just repugnant.

    Ron Paul ftw because this is our world now.

    “(The internet) is the most powerful information and communication tool in the history of mankind.”

    Use it!!! ( and we are 😉 )

    BTW __ see you in Santa Monica 😉

  15. The american people are too preoccupied with other items of the day. Ron Paul’s low ratings say more about the American People than him. The massess need an easily understood message from a good looking speaker – think “Honor, Honor, Honor, Honor” and the clapping erupts. Think “terrorists, terrorists, terrorists.” That’s about all the citizens have time to process. Too busy watching t.v.

  16. Ron Paul Radio ROCKS daHOUSE!


    It may not be televised, but it will be on…..


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