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Chicken Soup for Your Soul



Normally the phrase Chicken Soup for the Soul brings to mind schlocky books full of horribly homespun wisdom. But now you can sell your soul, do some good, and go buy a bowl of chicken soup with the profits.

For reason readers who have some surplus soul around or don't believe they have one in the first place, a new charitable website:

Pierre Ayotte, noted in a press release to be a "friendly upcoming Internet opportunist"–i.e. not The Devil Himself, just to be clear–would like to rent your soul for 10 bucks a week.

It's a new twist on an old nonprofit business model. He's gambling that the soul-leasing business will earn enough to keep him afloat from the charities that pay weekly to advertise on his site,

Ayotte swears he's not working for Beelzebub. He'll pay you $10–via PayPal, check, or bank note–and also donate $10 to the charity of your choice, selected from the nonprofits posting to RentYourSoul….

Instead of skirting the fiery pit of eternal damnation, why not simply lease your soul for a good cause? It only takes a few minutes to post a photo of yourself, and if Ayotte displays it on the home page, you're soul-free for a week and 10 dollars richer afterward.

Markets in Everything, indeed.

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  1. Count me in. I’m assuming corrupted souls will be eligible.

  2. Sounds like a good place to see a recent photo of Rudy-Mitt McRodham.

    Run, Ron, Run.

  3. Leasing only makes sense for the tax advantage…selling on the other hand…

  4. What if you own someone else’s soul and can document it?

    My friend owns the soul of a kid named Chris Westra. Can he lease that kid’s soul? Hey, ten bucks is ten bucks, right?

    I guess that question is better suited to the website itself.

  5. In college, I once traded my soul to a friend in exchange for him going to the fridge and getting me another Genessee Cream Ale. So far I’ve suffered no ill effects. No ill effects from selling my soul, I mean…drinking GCA is another story.

  6. GCA and juice is The Devil’s Blood, and delicious as a bonus.

  7. Is $10 enough compensation for giving your information to someone who intends to sell it to charities?

  8. Warty
    OMG That was you? Did you go to MCC or RIT? Because I remember a guy that acquired a soul in that way. He carried it around in a little vial and he would do things to it. Suffice it to say that passing through the digestive tract of a cat is one of the more pleasant journeys your soul has taken.

    I also knew a guy who traded a cheese sandwich for a soul. But he just put it in a shinny cup and kept it on the shelf.

  9. I sold my soul for chicken stock and a roll!

  10. I sold my soul and all I got was a rubber chicken.

  11. Randy Newman’s Faust, anyone…

  12. Hi all,

    Nice to see commenting on the site.
    I’d like to reassure everyone that I take good care of all the souls I rent, and they are duly returned to their owners after the week of charity is done.
    “Renting” is a bit of a metaphore in this case.

    Available to any and all questions through the site as well.



  13. Why is it all the kool kidz on the web page look suspiciously hip, like they’re from the “featured” Onion personals?

  14. I got a little more than a beer run for mine, but a lot less than $10, and that was for a sale. Sheldon held out for $1.25 and a taxi ride home; I forgot what Charlie took. Then Damon Lindelof, now executive producer of Lost, won them back from his father in a poker game and gave them back to me, Sheldon, and Charlie.

    But Ralph Fucetola has a quitclaim on another friend’s soul, I forgot whose.

    But then again, if it’s Genessee Cream Ale, that is good stuff, and why go all the way to the refrigerator yourself when your soul can do the legwork?

  15. Nope, I went to Case Western. I’m not surprised that RIT nerds did the same thing as me, though.

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