The Libertarian Party Still Loves Ron Paul


In what Alabama state LP chair (and former national LP employee) Stephen Gordon is calling an "unprecedented" move, the national LP, in a press release pushing their new "Liberty Decides" program (which basically allows people to show support for potential LP presidential candidates by donating in their name), notes their own party members enthusiasm for GOP candidate Ron Paul. In an email from national LP executive director Shane Cory that Gordon quotes:

due to the quantity of respectful e-mails, letters and phone calls that I receive from our own members, even if I tried, I could not ignore the fact that many Libertarians are excited about the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul for the Republican nomination. In no way, shape or form, can I ignore the positive impact Dr. Paul's campaign is making on America. I'm not asking you to do that either.

If you are a supporter of the Paul campaign and you want to send a message to the delegates of the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, you have the option to do so with this new program. If you are hopeful that Ron Paul (or another candidate) will seek the LP nomination, even as a "Plan B," you can make a donation to show your support for a future/unannounced candidate (please include your preferred candidate's name in the comment box when donating). Also, if you feel that the LP should not run a presidential candidate in 2008, you can put your support behind NOTA (none of the above).

Ron Paul was already the LP's presidential candidate in 1988, and remains a life member of the party. My July article on some reasons libertarians have been leery of the Paul campaign–and why in my judgement they shouldn't be.