Philadelphia Freedom

Photos from the ReLOVElution


On November 10, the Ron Paul campaign arrived in Philadelphia for a rally that started as a prize for the city's meetup group (it had raised more than $45,000, the best of any meetup group) and ballooned into the biggest event of the campaign. It saw the launch of "Veterans for Paul," an effort to tie Paul's donations from service members into a larger message about his support for the troops. (This won't be a surprise to people who've watched his House campaigns, which pound home his work to get veterans their pensions and get justice for P.O.W.s) And the rally of around 4000 people ended with an impromptu march around the city's Market Street that wended its way to a bar where more than 200 Paul supporters kicked back and strategized with beer and wings.

Handing out flyers to passing cars.

Lady Liberty and V meet and greet the voters.

And V meets his fans.

Some of the Pennsylvanian fans, whose suburban meetup groups have been surging in membership.

One of the many anti-war Paulites.

Teenagers from the burbs named Tim, Tom, and Tim. (Tom is camera right.)

The sound wasn't quite as good here. (In the background: The National Constitution Center)

My personal favorite sign.

Show me another presidential candidate who brings out this many Gadsen flags.

The man himself.

The front rows of the speech.

Self-explanatory. Note Kurt Vonnegut in the camera section.

On the side of the stage.

The crowd cheers.

Voters wait for autographs (note the guy with the Constitution and the sharpie).

The long journey from the stage to the car.

Inside Buffalo Billiards after the rally.