Tear Down the Toll Booths!


Reason Foundation founder Robert W. Poole argues for toll roads and against toll booths in the Wall Street Journal:

Americans are going to be driving on toll roads a lot more in the years ahead. One of the least pleasant experiences of this form of travel is the toll booth. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can, if we want, get rid of every toll booth and toll plaza in the country….

Why do away with toll booths? No more delays, accidents and pollution caused by long lines of waiting cars. No more need for large swathes of land for toll plazas, making it possible to fit toll roads into tight corridors where congestion relief is needed. Lower payroll costs, no buildings and no cash "shrinkage" (i.e., theft) by collectors.

The article is behind the subscriber wall, but this link ought to get you through to the whole thing.

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