Peter Bagge Alert: Apocalypse Nerd #6 is Out


reason's own graphic journalist Peter Bagge treats us on Hallowe'en to the release of the scary (for real) final sixth issue of his series Apocalypse Nerd, which continues its hideously compelling slide from light comedy about post-nuclear life to heavy, but still somehow funny, horror about that same sunny topic.

And another bonus batch of Ye Olde Historical Bagge's Founding Father Funnies, this time starring Thomas Jefferson finally quitting the Washington administration and Paul Revere and John Singleton-Copley arguing over the artists life vs. that of the mere artisan.

For those who missed Apocalypse Nerd as it was published in six issues of a comic book, the graphic novel version collecting them all will be out in in April, available for pre-order from Amazon now.

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