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    void where prohibited by law

  2. Scott Stantis bravely defends illustrates the cowardice of those who attack the Constitution.

    Defense of the Constitution is a requirement of citizenship.

  3. Defense of the Constitution is a requirement of citizenship.

    Yeah, well, it is a requirement for the President, too, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

  4. Congress and the Military too.

  5. Taktix – it’s your lucky day. The URKOBOLD has chosen to feature you, hier. With the other famous H&R rock n roller, Little Fyodor!

  6. Defense of the Constitution IS NOT a requirement of citizenship. The Constitution explicitly protects my right to object to it. In fact, I believe it is flawed and society’s problems are the result.

    Bill Walsh

  7. VM,

    Please send the Great Taint Whitherer my regards and humble praise…

    Thanks again!

  8. just, dammit, man, go on tour – hep the FLA crowd to dates, etc.

    Everybody else – check out their stuff. You’ll definitely enjoy!

    Tripping June. on Ut00B and my space. Tripping June.

    Little Fyodor, too!

  9. Coming soon!

    Bill of Rights Toilet Paper!

    “Limited government” just sounds so quaint, in a post 9/11 world.

  10. Based upon what I’ve heard about the warrantless wire tapping shouldn’t there be a keffiyeh draped head somewhere in that audience? Is Stantis saying we’ve been lied to?!

  11. Hmmm, on second thought a keffiyeh draped head might make Muslims uncomfortable. That would only lead to overturning and torching cars and various other riotous activities.

  12. Mr. Walsh, please illucidate.

    While natural born citizens take no oath, I would argue that their obligations are certainly not less than naturalized citizens who take the “Oath of Citizenship”.

  13. Elucidate.

    I think my brain was between illustrate and illuminate.

  14. What amazes me is how often Liberals attack the second ammendment and other things within the constitution, only to attempt to defend it when a Republican does something that they would have done if they were in power. (The Democrats have no problem looking into your private life to see if you’re a smoker, gun owner, or a drug dealer)

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