He's Back: David Irving's "Comeback Tour"


Over at The Atlantic, Megan McArdle and Andrew Sullivan post on the reemergence of the odious, Holocaust-denying "historian" David Irving, who is apparently planning a "comeback tour." Sullivan links to a recent Guardian profile where Irving explains that his views on the Holocaust have "crystallized," and that "The Jews are the architects of their own misfortune." (Irving echoes the Nazi slogan "Die Juden sind unsere Unglück"—"The Jews are our misfortune"—thought the journalist doesn't seem to notice).

So I headed over to Irving's paranoid website to see what the Obersturmbannführer of revisionism was up to these days; to browse the thicket of links to stories on Jewish perfidy and download a PDF copy of his pulped Goebbels book. On the front page of his "Action Report," Irving links to this story:

· Harvard Law School expels graduate allegedly for "holocaust denial": Dershowitz again behind it- AWPOW!!

Like most of Mr. Irving's books, the above story is a hoax circulating on various "anti-Zionist" websites. Irving, who told a British judge during his libel trial that he was, in fact, a "scrupulously fair" historian, links uncritically.

Good to see that, after being imprisoned in Austria (an idiotic decision, of course), he's back to his old scrupulous academic research.