Wall St. Journal On Paul Money: Beating Dodd, Biden, and Probably Huckabee


….with what they are reporting as a $3 million third quarter. (That amount might not end up being accurate–the Paul campaign still hasn't given out official numbers.) Excerpt:

The antiwar libertarian raised more than $3 million in the third quarter, up from $2.4 million in the second quarter and $641,000 in the first three months of the year.

For the three months ended Sept. 30, Paul out-raised old Washington hands including Democrats Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who took in $1.5 million, and Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, who raised just under $2 million.

For the year, Paul has collected around $6 million. He remains stuck in national polls at around 5% or less — about the same level of support as another Republican dark horse, Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor.

The well-spoken Huckabee placed second in the Ames, Iowa, straw poll this summer and is a favorite among Beltway pundits. But so far, his campaign is staying mum on his third-quarter fund-raising numbers, suggesting that they haven't dramatically improved from the $766,000 Huckabee raised in the second quarter.

As Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds, from whom this is via, said–and you know he can't love him too much Ron "Out of Iraq Now" Paul–"Can you still call him a minor candidate?" Somehow, I bet the relevant MSM will still manage to.

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  1. That would be awesome if RP beats Huckabee.

  2. Uh, there’s no cited source for this. Hmmm?

  3. They were saying on NPR this morning that what actually matters is the liquid money at hand (not what is reported).

    Brian: Can you clarify? Do we know how much cash is available for RP compared to others?

  4. Don’t worry, “relevant MSM” is becoming rarer all the time.

  5. Well …..Who else are the 9/11 Truthers going to give their $$$ to……..Hillary?

  6. iih, I would expect that Ron Paul has quite a bit of money. I doubt he has spent more than a million this quarter. LAst quarter he spent only $650,000 or so.

    Unlike the other guys he is holding onto the money he gets.

  7. MSNBC is reporting “more than last quarter”.

  8. # | October 1, 2007, 9:09pm | #

    Well …..Who else are the 9/11 Truthers going to give their $$$ to……..Hillary?

    Edward? Is that you?

  9. Exidor? Is that you?

  10. What I know is: The Paul campaign has not yet officially announced their full third quarter money. The WSJ does not name his source. It might be legit backchannel talk from a knowledgeable insider; it might be wrong. As I noted in my post.

  11. tarran, Brian: Thanks!

  12. Uh, weren’t they saying they were already going to beat last quarter, before they raised their now-famous $1.2 million in 7 days?

    If the WSJ’s number is correct, they were at least $600,000 short of last quarter when they said that.

  13. Unlike the other guys he is holding onto the money he gets.

    Which is really smart – he knows he has a solid base that will stick with him until the primaries, so he can save the money until a few weeks before the primaries, when it will have a larger impact.

  14. I vote for Paul being between 3.5-4 million.

  15. It’s amazing that there’s as much or more Ron Paul 2008 activity out there as there is for any of the other GOP candidates, despite the fact that Rudy McThomney are spending tons of cash compared to RP.

    Well, it’s not really amazing, I guess, since RP supporters are almost to a man enthusiastic enough to do a lot of work spontaneously and for free. But it should be amazing for the folks who think spending money is the only way to get your word out.

  16. The WSJ does not name his source.

    Mary Jacoby is a man?

  17. LiT,

    That sounds like a good prediction. Assuming they were exactly at the amount they’d taken in during the last quarter when they started the final week, that would mean they ended with about $3.6M.

  18. To quote Warty from the other day….

    Ron Paul needs to stop infecting me with his horrible, horrible optimism.

  19. take the optimism and run with it. all of this is good, regardless of how far he makes it.

  20. Huckabee is going to be just fine with whatever totals he brings in. He has run his campaign very effectively on a shoe string budget, so whatever the totals are its onward to the white house.

    As for Ron Paul maybe when he loses the nomination, cause he will, all his supporters can take that cash he raised and get together to make a huge batch of pot brownies…

  21. Ron Paul, the only True American Candidate.
    No elite establishment support which means he’ll lose or be assassinated. Would love to see him follow through with the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve. Then we’d really get to see who runs the USA. We know that will never happen. We can’t have accountability now can we.

  22. Huckabee’s not bothering to raise a lot of money, ’cause who needs money when Jesus is coming back next week to start the Rapture?

  23. I heard that evangelicals are thinking about forming a third party since none of those in the republican pool isn’t good enough for them. Not even Huckabee?


    I have heard two things from Huckabee that made me highly admire him for his tolerance (I am not a Christian) and, on another occasion, highly despise him for his utter lack of tolerance. Tells you something about your man,huh?

  24. Jenny is as deluded as the Truthers.
    The only Arkansan in the general election will be Mrs. Clinton, and the only Man who can beat her is America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

  25. Jenny,

    Huckabee has roughly the same amount of support as Paul does in landline polls, less of an Internet presence, and less enthusiastic supporters, to go along with his less money. What puts him inevitably on the road to the White House if Paul is inevitably headed toward defeat?

    I mean, if you were saying Rudy or Fred or Mitt was headed to the White House, at least you’d have some area in which that candidate is showing strength to point to. But Huckabee? Had he not endorsed the Fair Tax without, apparently, knowing what it was, he would have placed way back in the Ames Strawpoll.

  26. Rudy Giuliani knows Wall Street and will work with Ben Bernanke at the Fed to keep interest rates low and the Stock Market high. We set a record today. Housing is bound to improve soon and you can count on %20 gains in equity in a Giuliani Administration.
    Vote for your home equity and your 401k, Vote Giuliani!

  27. # | October 1, 2007, 10:12pm | #

    Jenny is as deluded as the Truthers.
    The only Arkansan in the general election will be Mrs. Clinton, and the only Man who can beat her is America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

    Edward, you came back to me!

    I missed you, you crazy so-and-so!

  28. Vote “Love,” “Peace,” and “Truth” – Vote for me!

    No, really I am pretty f*ckin’ great!

    * – the asterisk represents the letter ‘u’

  29. He knows how to browbeat Wall Street with prosecutorial misconduct, yes. I’m not sure he knows much else about it.

    In any case, low interest rates are una cosa muy mal in our current economic situation. Wall Street’s boon is the future’s bane. Luckily not enough people realize this to send gold prices sky-high…yet.

  30. Aw crap, R*dy’s runnin’?

    Sorry brah, I don’t want to steal your th*nder! I’ll try next time!

    * – still represents a m*thaf*ckin’ ‘u’, asswipe!

  31. Big Bro, Reason doesn’t block fuck, shit, piss, tits, cunt, cocksucker, or motherfucker. So profane away.

  32. Methinks that # = Dondero………..

  33. Either that or Edward and Dondero have been fused into a single eldritch entity…as fearsome as the mere conception of such a daemoniac creature may be.


  35. Eric Dondero=Edward? Anyone?

  36. Methinks me smell doodoo again – Donderdoodoo.

  37. A day without Edward is a day without erupting ass-pustules.

  38. We need Ron Paul and we need him now. C’mon Reasonoids! Time to get active.

    Ron Paul for President 2008

  39. Also, isn’t Hillary from Illinois, and running as a New Yorker?

  40. I told my doctor I’m not active, and he wouldn’t believe me, and instead started a ten minute lecture on condom use. I think he has issues.



  42. Nigel,

    Hillary is from whatever state she needs votes in. Don’t be surprised if long-forgotten links turn up in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Nevada next year.

  43. Also, this sheds some light on things:

  44. Eric Dondero=Edward? Anyone?

    Yeah, maybe.

  45. Jackson | October 1, 2007, 10:39pm | #


    Is that the Doppler Effect sound of an oncoming Dondero?

  46. Wish there was more media attention on the fact that “2nd tier” candidate Ron Paul wiped the floor with “1st tier” candidate (and complete asshat) John Edwards.

    7 days and 1.2 million vs. 11 days and barely a million.

    I have no idea what that means for the race but anything that makes RP look good and humiliates Edwards makes me really happy.

  47. Eric Dondero=Edward? Anyone?

    Cesar, I floated this on some other thread maybe a week, week and a half ago.

    My thought was Dondero went insane due to syphillis he caught from some hooker, and created another personality, one he thought wouldn’t be recognizable to us because the personality was a Democrat.

    Yet there are two key elements that remain the same: continuing to post when it’s obvious that no one gives a shit what he thinks; and a bizarre fixation on a candidate he is constantly screaming has no chance.

  48. Is that the Doppler Effect sound of an oncoming Dondero?

    Taktix, you owe me $20 for a new keyboard, not to mention some additional compensation for the pain and suffering caused by Coke Zero erupting out of my nose.

  49. Ron Paul is going to have $6-$8M. The $3M number is based only an incomplete tabulation of the online fundraising numbers based on a campaign revalation they had “exceeded” Q2 (2.4M) a few weeks ago (before 2 very large online fundraisers). Only the second of these fundraisers (the $1M one) is included in this estimate because its the only one where the numbers were posted to the general public. The big constitution week fundraiser, the meetup fundraising contest, the many fundraising dinners (for which a special West Coast trip was made), and Ron’s direct mail contributions are not included in this number at all.

  50. What is the motivation behind all that cash to Biden and Dodd? It can’t be ideological fervor (like Paul), nor do they have a >1% chance of nomination.

  51. What do people think about Paul wanting to go back to the gold standard? I don’t know enough to comment, but people who do know tell me the idea is bonkers.

  52. Thanks, “May be disturbing, etc,” for the advice.

    I used to be a symbol of tyranny and evil, but now I’m just a fucking reality show. It makes me depressed.


    This sad face represents a sad clown, the saddest of all of nature’s creatures.

    * – I didn’t use one, but it still represents a ‘u’

  53. Dondero isn’t answering blog pages tonight. He’s been in hiding since Islamofascist and unborn baby/fetus/zygote/sperm and eggs lover Ron Paul had a good online fundraising week.

    Rumors are that he’s in Alabama taking his last legal opportunity to use a butt plug in the state (or so Steve Gordon more-or-less reported about the Supreme Court lack-of-action on his blog today).

  54. Gold standard? Least of our worries, Chalupa.

    1. there are worse things
    2. it ain’t going to happen
    3. if it did happen, so what?

    I say, let’s go on the wine standard.

  55. Re: the gold standard

    Paul has said a number of times he wouldn’t put the US Dollar/FRN back on the gold standard (which was really just a price-peg anyway). Rather, he said he would urge the modifying the legal tender, contract, and tax laws which discourage and penalize using gold and silver as money.

  56. Ron “Out of Iraq Now” Paul–“Can you still call him a minor candidate?” Somehow, I bet the relevant MSM will still manage to.

    Yes they will. And they’ll hang they’re rationalization on his supposedly low polling numbers. Though Paul does well in most polls not conducted by the MSM. Even so, when the RON PAUL 2008 campaign starts spending, I think the irresistible force will overcome the immovable object.

  57. stupid tag


    Best Ron Paul video – (Reply: WRONG!…Best Presidential Candidacy Video EVER!!!)


    Do you need a box of kleenex after you post this?

    Nothing wrong with being a fanboi, but if you are trying to convert anyone, you need to try something else.

  60. wait, so we were visited by #, who is a brand new incarnation of the chimerical


  61. I say, let’s go on the wine standard.

    I suggest the ham standard, for multiple reasons:

    1) End of fiat money.

    2) Delicious.

    3) Keeps Islamofascists from buying airline tickets.

    I’d go to ten reasons, but I’m busy.

  62. My belief is that Ron Paul will conserve his cash to use in the coming titanic reelection struggle against Eric Dondero.

  63. Gold and silver are the only lawful money (US Constitution, art 1 sec 10)
    see href= The IRS took one on the chin in Las Vegas last week in a jury trail of a business that paid their employees in gold and silver. The defense argued that since the US stamped $1.00 on an ounce of silver coin, the value of the coin was one dollar, not the market value of the silver in the coin.

    The jury agreed. Acquitted of 161 Federal counts of tax evasion.

    Go Ron Paul–bring back gold and silver, no more central banking!

    Apologies if HTML doesn’t work.

  64. libertree,

    You are dead wrong on your statement. Article 1, section 10 is limits on the states. It says “No State shall … coin money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”*.

    In section 8 of the same article, Congress is given the power to “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures”.

    Therefore, even with a gold standard, the government could intervene by changing how many dollars an ounce of gold is worth.

    * The ellipses are other, non relevant limits on states, so the context holds.

  65. I don’t think we’ll know the full amount for another week or two. After all, a lot of folks who like Ron still don’t want to use The Google and put their credit card in that crazy Yahoo Internet thingy (unless it’s for online gambling) so they call or mail in their contribution.

  66. Remember what Gandhi said about political movements:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

  67. Mo: “Therefore, even with a gold standard, the government could intervene by changing how many dollars an ounce of gold is worth.”

    Which is one reason (among many) Paul doesn’t advocate putting the USD back on the gold standard.

  68. To win (10/2/07)
    Our goal is to win.

    We have 96 days, maybe less.

    We have one shot.


    Yesterday afternoon, the Ron Paul 2008 staff came together to hear that message. I shared it with them then. I share it with you now.

    Our goal is to win. Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination. Ron Paul becomes our next president.

    We have 96 days, maybe less. The first contest will be January 5 in Wyoming. But Iowa will change its date to be earlier than Wyoming and New Hampshire will do the same. Michigan will hold its primary on January 15. South Carolina and Nevada are set for January 19, followed by Florida on January 29.

    We have one shot. The time is right for this Ron Paul Revolution; there are many reasons why. But this opportunity we now hold in our hands will never come again.

    The future of our nation lies with us, and with the people who will soon join this freedom movement.

    We have the answer: freedom. We have the man: Ron Paul. We have each other.

    We have what we need to win.

    Kent Snyder
    Ron Paul 2008

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