You're Old Enough to Know Better, So Cry, Baby, Cry


The week began with "Leave Britney Alone," and I apologize if you click that link with your audio turned above 10 decibels.

The week is ending, mercifully, with "Leave General Petraeus Alone."

Not as funny as it could be. The original Britney rant (which has 5 million views now) was directed at bloggers (especially Perez Hilton), whereas the Bush rant is a "message from the President of the United States" gone wrong. But the message is clear: The shoreside Petraeus adherents are basically fanboys, and the Republican reaction to MoveOn's ad was as mature as a demisexual man-boy's Britney meltdown.

Coming next (I hope): Godley and Creme's video for "Cry," remixed to include the weepin' mugs of John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Fred Thompson.

UPDATE: A better parody from the other side: