Tancredo Wins!


The GOP's Spanish language debate is a no-go.

Univisión planned to air the first presidential debates in Spanish on Sept. 9 and 16, one for Democrats, the other for Republicans, trumpeting a national coming-out party for Hispanic voters.

Except Republican candidates aren't coming. Only Ariz. Sen. John McCain agreed to participate in the event at the University of Miami.

Most of the Republican field also ignored invitations to attend Hispanic-oriented conferences in Florida organized by the National Association of Latin Elected Officials and the National Council of La Raza.

Another lost legacy of Rovism. It was considered a game-changing advantage when George W. Bush (whose command of the language was really pretty bad) spoke Spanish and advertised in Spanish-speaking households. But the blowback from the GOP base has reduced the value of that kind of campaigning. The only Spanish-language campaign I can find in the GOP is Conozca a Mitt Romney, with a video introduction by the most Espanol-inclined of Mitt's vat-grown brood.