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Over at his Spectator blog, CNE honcho Stephan Pollard points out that the Principality of Andorra has thrown its lot in with the Ron Paul revolution. Well, two Andorrans anyway. The website shows Paul ahead in Sweden, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe, and running a close second in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, the UK, Canada, Brazil and Afghanistan (with 5 votes cast, I assume, from Bagram)

And note the single vote cast from a Cuban IP address…for Rudy Giuliani.

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  2. I bet there’s a direct correlation between Andorran preferences and who we elect. A disturbingly direct correlation.

  3. My hppothosies is that all over the globe there is a strong crossection between folks who are smart, worldly, very internet savvy, and Ron Paul supporters.

  4. Paul comes in second in France (behind Obama) and is tied for first in Germany.

  5. Paul is also second in the Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand.

  6. Ron Paul running first in Sweden?

    For some reason, I don’t think I trust this poll….

  7. Maybe they are all voting based on who is least likely to bomb them.

  8. I saw that poll earlier, and I too wondered at the strong streak of libertarianism, federalism and anti-government present in France and Sweden. I think this is simply a reaction to Dr. Paul’s anti-war position; I doubt the “overseas voters” would appreciate his other stands.

  9. The website shows Paul ahead in Sweden, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe


    That comes to exactly – let me add this up carefully – zero electoral votes. (Actually, I think he should get -2 for Sweden & -25 for Zimbabwe.)

  10. Maybe they are all voting based on who is least likely to bomb them.

    Certainly his foreign policy would be less threatening than most of the other candidates.

    Gravel would also be good, but they were kind of scared about his middle east policy. They worry that after staring into the camera for a couple of minutes, he’d get bored and wander off to throw Iraq in a lake.

  11. Iraq wants Ron Paul, hows that for an endorsement.

  12. Zimbabwe wants Ron Paul? I’m counting this as a point against the doctor.

  13. Jersey (the Channel Island) wants Tommy Thompson. And judging by how many people there are on Jersey, maybe he should run.

  14. ck,

    Zimbabwe is made up of more than just Robert Mugabe, although he’s desperately trying to change that.

  15. This thing is pretty nuts in that there is a consistent margin of victory for Obama in almost every location, but also that Ron comes in second just as consistently (except for the US).

    It has to be, as stated above, partly the anti-war stance (why else would Ron be consistently second?), and then probably that Obama is male and has a (D) next to his name.

  16. Obama is a media celebrity around the world. A black man who is a serious candidate is a newsmaker.

    The support for Paul, I would probably write off as American expat businessmen before taking it too seriously as representative of attitudes in those countries.

  17. It’s because they want to kill us.

  18. 6 from Egypt for RP! (I cheated… I said I am in Egypt while I am not. But technically I would be considered an absentee voter since Egypt is the only country I can vote in).

  19. Obama’s white.

  20. Tres cute. In fact, the president of Switzerland’s ruling assembly announced in favor of Ron Paul this week, which accords with him being the leading Republican there.

    But more telling are the US results (as of 10 seconds ago):

    12072 votes for Ron Paul
    6685 votes for Barack Obama
    1893 votes for Dennis Kucinich
    1040 votes for Hillary Clinton
    1019 votes for Mike Gravel
    541 votes for John Edwards
    414 votes for Rudy Giuliani ….

    No other Republicans in the top 6 besides Dr. Paul?! Where are Willard Romney’s spammers? Don’t the Thompson twins have 38,000 meetup volunteers who can spam these polls day and night, creating unique IPs instantly without even the flick of a switch?

    And we’re spamming straw polls now too. Ron Paul has won at least seven of them! Who else has?

    Or perhaps Dr. Paul has the real ground troops, and the CFR MSM will be compelled to blatant cheating to retain the status quo (rather than plausibly deniable cheating).

    Time to spam the primaries!!!

    Send Ron Paul a B-Day Gift Today at !!!

  21. One drunken internet cheeseburger later and you’ev lost the hearts of an entire country to Ron Paul. Oh where have ye gone, David Hasselhoff?

  22. LOL@obama’s white

  23. Do they realize that when Rob Paul is president he won’t stop private individuals from using their wealth to influence the internal politics of foreign nations?

  24. Derdondo,

    It might be that they realize that when Ron Paul is president he will stop our government from coercively influencing the internal politics of foreign nations?

  25. That site lets you pick which country you are in. I just voted for Chris Dodd in Zimbabwe. I don’t think many of those votes are coming from overseas.

  26. JLM:

    I don’t think many of those votes are coming from overseas.

    Maybe they are…

    Michael C. Moynihan:

    “And note the single vote cast from a Cuban IP address…”

    How about it, Michael?

  27. There’s only one logical explanation for the pro-Giuliani vote from Cuba: DONDEROOOOOOOOOOOOO is enjoying a beach vacation.

  28. I’m surprised how well he shows in Europe, for what it’s worth.

  29. It picks a default location based on your IP address, but you can scroll through the list and pick a different one.

  30. I see they have fixed the flag swap between Australia and Austria.

  31. I happen to live in Austria, and let me tell you, they may be socialists but they are also pretty gosh-darned racist here.

    I don’t believe that they would choose Obama for a second.

  32. DDP,

    There’re racists in the French left as well. Just a couple days I was enjoying a spirited debate with a gal who is a high functionary in France’s Socialist Party, vacationing here in Colorado. After distancing myself from the Bush administration’s foreign policy and about half of their domestic agenda, I mentioned to her that the left here would never even dare to push for the nationalization of any of our major industries.

    Before I could explain to her that I thought that this was due to our relatively more libertarian heritage, she stunned the Hell outa me by telling me that one shouldn’t expect too much from the American left, after all, cuz it’s probably throttled intellectually by its large number of minorities!

    I think that was the first time that I ever became irritated at someone’s attacks on the Democrats. I rebutted the racist implication, just as I was rebutting all the socialist BS, but remained respectful and polite, of course.

  33. Why is it shocking that Left (French or otherwise) and racism go hand-in-hand? As an institution, it takes government sponsorship to raise it to a national problem, doesn’t it?

    (We shouldn’t be surprised about it coming from the Republican party, either, it being so infested with religious lefties ATM…)

  34. Andorrans? You mean those blue-skinned aliens from Star Trek?!

  35. !!!!!! RON PAUL 4 LYFE !!!!!!

  36. As a Swedish citizen and Ron Paul supporter myself, my explanation is that many people voting in this poll are the same who follow American politics more closely (amazing conclusion). This group entails a large precentage of libertarians. The average person in Europe has no idea of who Paul is, and even less of an idea of his position on the war. Consequently, his anti-war stance is probably not the reason for his apparent popularity, instead it’s his libertarian positions that draws the crowd.

    Obama’s success is dependent on the people who don’t follow American politics from the source, but instead only follow it through Swedish media. A media with a serious left-wing bias. Most, if not all, media outlets tend to only report on the democratic candidates and has already decided that either Obama or Clinton is the next president. Just as the media explained to the Swedish people in 2004 that it was impossible for W to be reelected…

  37. Looks like the International Society for Individual Liberty is doing a great job promoting libertarianism overseas.

  38. We’ve all heard of Godwin’s law, but I have decided it is time for Manning’s Law (my last name since it is my law. You want a law named after you? It’s easy, just steal someone else’s idea, modify slightly, and take credit!)

    Anyway, Manning’s Law states that “it will only take 31 posts in any libertarian related blog that mentions Rudy Giuliani receiving support before Eric Dondero is ridiculed.” Today’s blog was close, but thoreau proved my law at post number 28. Thanks, thoreau!

  39. I wonder how long until my law gets a Wikipedia page. That would be sweet.

  40. bret:

    Why is it shocking that Left (French or otherwise) and racism go hand-in-hand?

    It seemed so cavalier that she would just tell me, as if it was obvious. That was more shocking.

    As an institution, it takes government sponsorship to raise it to a national problem, doesn’t it?

    Good point. For example; the segregated public accommodations (restaurants etc) in the Jim Crow south had to be enforced with government edict cuz market forces tended to bring integration to them.

  41. Maybe they are all voting based on who is least likely to bomb them.

  42. Obama is all charisma and no substance. Unfortunately, it looks like most people around the world have not picked up on this.

    Andorra jokes aside, if we consider only those countries which have cast more than about 50 votes, RP is ahead in Germany, Poland, and Sweden right now (as well as the USA, by a nearly 2:1 margin over Obama). The Poles are more conservative than most Europeans, and I don’t know about Germany and Sweden, but it looks like political correctness may be running its course in those two countries. PC is as oppressive there as Communism was in Soviet Russia, so I find it unsurprising that Germans and Swedes are reacting against it!

  43. Great. Every nation in the world that hates the fact that America is Number One, and wants to bring our country down to their level supports Ron Paul.

    That says a lot about Ron Paul.

    What’s next? Al Qaedans for Paul?

  44. Eric, nations don’t “hate America”. People hate America. That’s like saying guns kill. No, people kill. Your collectivist thinking is non-sense.

    And yes, this does say a lot about Ron Paul: he is popular.

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