The Other Nurse Mike*


Andrew Breitbart has the video of Mike Huckabee endorsing a national ban on all indoor smoking. It's classic Huck: He adopts all the right nannyish frames (likening smoking to pouring toxic gas into a room), slings a demogogic one-liner ("cigarettes are the only product that, if used correctly, will kill you") and slaps himself on the back for his political courage.

Phil Klein comments:

Even Hillary Clinton (despite the misleading headline in this story) was savvy enough to say that though she supports smoking bans, she doesn't believe in a nationwide ban imposed by the federal government. As if his tax hikes and atrocious spending record as governor weren't already enough, here we have another issue that demonstrates Huckabee is big government conservative of the worst sort.

It's not really hard to imagine a Vice President Huckabee, left with lots of idle time by President Giuliani or Romney, taking this cause up. Like Al Gore did with "reforming government" or Dick Cheney did with "thinking of ways to kill you."

*The original "Nurse Mike" being Mike Bloomberg.