Little Johnny Edwards, 8 Years Old


Presidential candidate John Edwards' statement on the departure of Alberto Gonzales:

Better late than never.

His statement on the resignation of Karl Rove:

Goodbye, good riddance.

Coming soon, John Edwards' statement on the tarring and feathering of Michael Chertoff:

Smell ya later!

The e-mail version of the press release will come with a .wav file of an armpit farting noise.

Part of me wants to give Edwards some credit for not following the normal rules of this stuff—raise your nose 90 degrees, act high-and-mighty, slip in some campaign slogans. (Here's Obama on Gonzo for comparison.) But boy, does Edwards ever sound phony.

The great Shawn Macomber has taken Edwards to the woodshed for previous outbursts of down-to-earthness.