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Jane Galt Gives the Sanction of the Victim


Probably the only writer who previously referred to herself via an Ayn Rand-derived pseudonym with this distinction, Megan McArdle (the former Jane Galt, and an occasional reason contributor) is now blogging on economics for the Atlantic.

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  1. John never liked his pesky little sister, anyway. Good riddance.

  2. She’s a smart kid, but a horrible writer (suffers from my pet peeve: delusions of literary grandeur. If I read one more “quoth” or other highfalutin construction from her… so help me God. It hurts.)

    I wonder if she’ll be edited over at El Atlantico. It could help.

  3. A wiki debate about whether she should have a wiki page can found here.

  4. It’s a sad world where Jane Galt and MattY are taken seriously. I give her three months before people realize she doesn’t have much to say; I note she’s already starting to recycle material from her blog. Expect Insty to prop her up with the occasional ‘lanch.

    Maybe she and MattY can share tips on the best places in Maine to buy LobsterSandwiches.

    Of course, if she ever issues a complete apology for supporting Bush’s reelection and states that the rationale she used was bogus, then I might moderate my opinion a slight bit.

  5. If she’s as attractive and horny as Dagny Taggart and Dominque Francon, her literary shortcomings can be overlooked.

  6. ~~ CORRECTION ~~

    In my early comment, I forgot to include Sully and Marc Ambinder among the list of Atlantic bloggers who are sadly taken seriously.

    I regret the omission.

  7. TLB, just out of curiosity, who do you think is a good blogger on immigration issues (besides yourself, of course)? kausfiles?

  8. It should be mentioned that she bears a great resemblance to this woman.

  9. Hmm, is this the same Megan McCardle who spent all of 2002 explaining what a brilliant and necessary idea it was to invade Iraq? Glad to see the meritocracy at work in the blogosphere.

  10. Johnny D is generally correct, but here’s a more recent pic (at a Reason event, I think).

  11. Oh, good. Now the Atlantic has exactly one blogger who’s not young enough to be my child. (My actual children are, however, in elementary school.) This from a mag whose actual readers are all probably in their 50’s. Oh, well, at least I’ll know the names of the bands I forbid my sons from listening to.

  12. Nuthin’ sexier than a pro-sweatshop godzilla woman.

  13. ??? If she were hotter ???
    ??? there would be more comments ???
    ??? Hmmm. Mmmmm. About her. ???

  14. ECHO….Echo…..echo….

    Now batting, MANNY MOTA….Mota…..mota….

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