Giuliani on Peace: Ultimately, It's Just Too Unrealistic


Jim Henley (occasional reason contributor) has some grim laffs with Rudy's foreign policy manifesto, which just appeared in Foreign Affairs' august pages. A sample from Henley:

It's full of lies, oversimplifications and vagueness, but makes up for all that by being very, very tedious. Because the genre requires him to name-check every part of the world—perhaps to assure the alleged author that it exists, perhaps to reassure the FA reader that the alleged author has heard of the world—you get whole sections of "I see India out there tonight. Keep rocking, India! And lemme give a shoutout to my peeps in Germany!"

* You will not enjoy a day of peace so long as Rudy has anything to say about it. Peace is something we will "achieve" in the distant future when the lion has been clubbed senseless with the lamb.

……Rudy Giuliani presents a splendid plan for spending the nation into bankruptcy in a futile pursuit of continued dominance. Lucky for Rudy, since he's demanding to blow absurd amounts of money on defense rather than tax cuts or domestic programs, no approved pundit or established journalist will ask him "How are you going to pay for all that?" Because those are the rules: military spending is free!