It'll Be Huckabee, You Wait and See!


Jim Henley (occasional reason contributor) makes a pretty bold prediction: For the GOP, it's Huckabee.

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  1. I, for one, welcome our new anti-evolution overlords.

  2. Hillary wishes……..

  3. I’ll bet a couple of body parts that the GOP nom will be a dark horse.

  4. Hillary vs. Giuliani = 2 NY political machines duking it out

    Hillary vs. Huckabee = 2 Arkansas political machines duking it out
    (Yes, I know, Hillary hasn’t been in Arkansas for a while, but you know Bill could still call in favors to get Huckabee’s enemies fighting for Hillary.)

    Either way, the thought of two political machines with standing vendettas throwing down does nothing to make me happy.

  5. I predict Huckabee will make it onto the Republican ticket in the general election…as RON PAUL’s veep nominee!

  6. I’ll bet a couple of body parts that the GOP nom will be a dark horse.

    OK, two questions for the male members of the forum:

    1. Would you give your left nut if it meant Ron Paul would win the nomination?

    2. Would you then give your right nut if it meant he would win the Presidency?

    (I’ll let Jennifer come up with comparably hideous bargains for the female forum members to make)

  7. As a good libertarian, Ron Paul respects our right to maintain our bodily integrity and would never accept a victory under those circumstances, crimethink.

  8. I’d cut off my little finger Yakuza style for a Libertarian majority in congress.

  9. thoreau,

    Doesn’t he also respect our right to freely give up our bodily integrity for a good cause?

    Actually, I just realized that doing so would run afoul of Catholic anti-contraceptive teachings…I need to figure out a way around this.

  10. crimethink,

    Yes and yes. Full disclosure, I’m not using them anyway.

    RON PAUL ’08
    May Jim Henley’s house be deemed blighted and turned into a Starbucks

    This is it folks. This is the most exciting thing within presidential politics in over forty years.

    I’m heading to Ames. You should too!

    RON PAUL in 2008

  11. crimethink,

    If you only lose one nut, you are still fertile, and therefore ok by Catholic anti-contraceptive standards.

  12. crimethink-

    A dilemma like “Give your left nut so Ron Paul can win” is equivalent (in effect if not phrasing) to “Give your left nut to abolish the IRS” which is equivalent to “Give your left nut or the IRS stays.” You’d be giving your nut under the threat of coercion. Ron Paul would never accept a victory obtained after somebody was coerced to sacrifice a testicle.

  13. In other words, when you’re an ideologically pure libertarian, you can find a way to oppose anything, even a Ron Paul victory.


  14. Re: crimethink’s nut bargain (go ahead and trademark that for a booth at your next county fair)

    As has been noted, the nuts are redundant, but I still see little value in giving up one nut in return for only the nomination. There’s simply too much baggage attached to the (R) and too much material for the Democrat, whoever that is, to (deceptively) smear Paul as the guy who wants child slaves to toil in segregated sweatshops to make AK-47s and heroin to give to the other, non-slave children, who, by the way, are swallowing all of Daddy’s shiny new privately minted gold coins. So one nut for the nom, no way.

    Both for the win? Maybe. Depends on some of the particulars. Anesthetized, sterile nut removal with a properly closed wound would be a big plus over a rusty steak knife deal; testosterone replacement for secondary sex characteristics and perhaps even fake balls for cosmetic reasons might be important to some; I would also like the option of pre-nutectomy sperm storage for those of us who want (any/additional) biological children. With those concessions, I probably would; without, doubt it.

    I would, right this minute, give both nuts to live in a world where no one would ever conceive of writing a headline like this: Should This Milk Be Legal?

    (Unless, perhaps, we’re in a dystopian Clockwork Orange-type situation, which presents its own challenges.)

  15. I’ll gladly allow crimethink to (voluntarily, under free market conditions) give up his nuts, since he’s presumably male. 😉

  16. The one nut thing would have to be a non-starter, since the resulting publicity would convince the general election voters that Ron Paul’s supporters are (wait for it …) nuts.

  17. “Crimethink’s nut bargain” would be a great name for a rock band.

  18. vermont gun owner,

    Dammit, now I’ve got to find another excuse not to do that. Great!

  19. I actually like this guy compared to the top-tier candidates. He actually understands the second amendment. Of course, he is no Ron Paul.

  20. Sorry crimethink, I’m a lefty.

  21. Huckabee says:

    “My faith is my life – it defines me. I don’t separate my faith from my personal and professional lives.”

  22. Henley is wrong. Huckabee will be on the ticket, though.

    Romney/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Wes Clark vs. Bloomberg/Hagel (if he runs). You hear it here first!


  24. Cesar:

    Romney/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Wes Clark vs. Bloomberg/Hagel (if he runs). You hear it here first!

    If this bunch are the finalists, I hope they all loose! How can this be possible? Be president-less?

    Noe of the other GOPers would be a good VP for Ron Paul if he gets the nomination.

  25. Giuliani vs. Richardson, if the Dems know what’s good for them.

  26. Most of us missed this from the Fox News debate in May. Does Mike Huckabee have his own variant of a Willie Horton problem?

  27. The youtube link works, but it has to be copied and pasted to the address line. Is there an option that needs to be set to post links as links here?

  28. “Is there an option that needs to be set to post links as links here?”

    Yeah, and how do you guys get italics?

  29. Italics is easy:


    is done by typing:

    $i% easy $/i%

    but replacing $ with < and % with >

    Replace i with b to get bold font.

    Let me dig for how to do links… it was previously discussed here on H&R

  30. Thanks
    Really, I mean it.

  31. If Huckabee can stick it out, he might emerge as the other second tiers drop out and the shine goes off of the current frontrunners.

    I agree with this: the party’s regulars will realize that Giuliani and Romney have tied themselves to a despised President and unwelcome war so flamboyantly that they can’t be saved.

    Amen. Because they are such lightweights on foreign and national security policy*, and because they have built-in problems with the base, they’ve had to grab on the tightest to the war and the war president. It’s the 9/12 Permanent Majority campaign, in 2007. It’s sort of pathetic, actually.

    *I know Guiliani has a great bio that makes people trust him on national security issues. So did Kerry. At a certain point, he’s going to have to talk nuts and bolts of security policy just to show that he can, and he doesn’t have the background to hold his own against Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, much less John McCain, Sam Brownback, or even Tom Tancredo. Ditto with Romney, who isn’t even the President of 9/11.

    Huckabee may be a foreign policy lightweight, too, but he’s also half again as smart as Guiliani or Romney, so he’ll be able to clear the bar on national security credibility, and he is much more trustworthy to conservatives.

  32. Or even Tom Tancredo.

    Or, you know, Duncan Hunter.

    Not to mention Tom Tancredo.

  33. Joe hit the nail on the head–the front runners or so unreliable on social issues that they have to tie themselves as close as possible to national security issues. This means eternal war, warentless wiretapping, Doubling Guantanamo, etc.

    All extremely unpopular positions in the general election, but very popular with the Conservative base.

    Which means, President Hillary. God help us.

  34. as the year turns, the party’s regulars will realize that Giuliani and Romney have tied themselves to a despised President and unwelcome war so flamboyantly that they can’t be saved.

    Worse political analysis ever!

  35. italics off
    bold off

  36. I’d cut off my little finger Yakuza style for a Libertarian majority in congress.

    I’d do it to get Janice Rogers Brown on the Supreme Court.

  37. The election is Romney Vs Clinton..

    Governor beats Senator and is obvious he will win by Aug of next year.

    Of course this only plays out if Ron Paul drops dead…which he won’t and so he will win.

    The VP running mates will be Edwards with Clinton and someone who is not in the race with Romney. Powel?

  38. Huckabee@FoxDebate

    Thank you for the posting on how to do a link here; it is cumbersome, but it works.

    The above link shows a question asked by a Fox News panelist to Mike Huckabee about Wayne DeMond, and his answer to it.

    Back to my original question. Does this case give him a Willie Horton problem?

  39. Huckabee Fuckabee, it’ll be Ron Paul vs Whathisname Kucinich, and Ron Paul will carry the day. Say goodbye to the FDA!

  40. I’m still laughing, in fact I’m having trouble typing this due to laughing so hard.

    Huckabee will never, in anyone’s wildest dreams, come close to being nominated for prez or vp. Except, perhaps, as a Democrat or in another country.

  41. Yanno, given how the Dems keeled over and took it on FISA recently, the 9/12 permanent majority campaign just might work.

    Or the Dems are fracking cowards who are even worse at reading political winds than the Repubs, but have such a strong hand that they can’t lose.

    If the latter’s the case, it goes to show just how deeply Bush fucked up.

  42. Somebody should tell latter about his case.

  43. jb,

    Yeas Nays PRES NV
    Democratic 41 181 9
    Republican 186 2 14
    TOTALS 227 183 23

  44. Yup, those Democrats sure bent over, voting 82%-18% against the bill.

    You know, the two parties are exactly the same.

  45. I’m going to predict that Hilary dies in a freak pantsuit accident (I don’t know how… be creative), and Obama re-enrolls in his local madrasa, giving us Gravel v. Tancredo. Tancredo wins, and forcibly removes everyone but native americans from the counrty. The end.

  46. And then, after a Hindu terrorist attack on an Native American casino in retribution for our support of Pakistan, Tancredo uses a newly developed satellite-based microwave weapon to boil the River Ganges. That’ll show the bastids.

  47. And maybe it will clean up the Ganges, too. Everyone wins!

  48. Romney/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Wes Clark vs. Bloomberg/Hagel (if he runs). You hear it here first

    Ich werde nach der Schweiz bewegen

  49. SIV– I match your little finger and raise with a big toe to get Janice Rogers Brown on the Supreme Court. She is impressive! She wrote the opinion supporting the right of very ill to experimental medicine the rest of the DC Circuit just rejected en banc…and she was friendly to the WE the People suit to have the First Amendment Right to Petition clause elevated to an actionable right!

    She and Clarence would make a good team! He might even start leaving some coke cans with pubic hairs in her office!

  50. Yup, those Democrats sure bent over, voting 82%-18% against the bill.


    You are aware that majority leaders are not obligated to rush something to the floor if they disagree with it, yes?

  51. In fact, joe, majority leaders have been known to work to kill a bill if a majority of their majority felt that it was important to take a stand against it.

  52. thoreau,

    Peronally, I thought Hastert’s “majority of my majority” policy was an offensive exercise in partisan tyranny and a slap in the face to democracy.

  53. ChrisO, get it together man!

    It’s die Schweiz, not der!

    Ich werde nach im Liechtenstein bewegen, btw.

    We’ll be in the same Stadtviertel, anyway…

    I’ve always gotten a kick out of how the town hall is the Ratshaus…how appropriate.

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