And Now You Know… the Rest of the Story


Michelle Malkin's wrap-up of the Yearly Kos convention was surprisingly dull, possibly because assumed the crowd would be crazier than it was and conservoblogger Rick Moran had to shoot her points down. Example:

MALKIN: Did you see a lot of 9/11 truth types, the conspiracy theorists?

MORAN: No, no and it's—I made a point of asking a lot of people—a lot of the bloggers who were there.

More evidence of our national political schizophrenia: five days later conservative bloggers are chasing the story of a sergeant who showed up, in uniform, to a Q&A session with a military panel, and tried to prove the success of the Iraq surge before being shut up by the moderator. It's leading the O'Reilly Factor tonight. Apart from Ezra Klein, liberal bloggers didn't even seem to notice.