Mothers Against Buzzed Trainriding


Buried in this article about a new Amtrak promotion ($100 toward free alcohol for long train rides!) comes this:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving questioned whether $100 in free alcohol was too much.

"This sounds like a lot of credit toward possible overindulging," said MADD spokeswoman Misty Moyse.

What in the world is a MADD rep doing in an article about free booze on trains?

I believe it was a Hit & Run commenter who wrote a few months ago that MADD is no longer just "mothers"—it's current president is a man. Nor is it any longer just about "drunk," they generally opposed to drinking, too. Nor, as this article indicates, are they merely concerned about driving anymore. In the MADD acronym, that leaves only the word "against." Whatever it is, if it's related to alcohol, they're against it. Which sounds about right.