War on Drugs

Another Isolated Incident


Jasper, Texas:

According to the amended lawsuit, the officers had obtained a search warrant on Sept. 28, 2006 to enter a residence at 126 Circle Drive in Brookeland. The Hunts reside in a mobile home located at 940 Church Street in Brookeland.


The lawsuit alleges that Hunter, Tomplain, Noyola, Poindexter, Erimias, Coulter, Payne and Hall "broke in the door and trashed the house. They kicked in two doors, tore up three lamps and tore down the gate coming into the house.

Officers confronted the Hunts at the rear door of the home and ordered them down at gunpoint, according to the lawsuit.

"All the defendants left the house after they terrorized both plaintiffs and trashed the premises when defendant Hunter belatedly told everybody that they were in the wrong house," the lawsuit states.

Officials could not comment on the lawsuit.

Note too that this happened in September of last year, and wasn't reported. Were it not for the lawsuit, we'd never have known this had happened. Makes you wonder how many other times this happens that we don't know about—where the victims are too frightened or embarassed to go to the media, or can't find an attorney to help them with a lawsuit.