Roughshod for Ron


Clinton Naumo meets a Ron Paul supporter who's taking her campaign strategy lessons from Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis.

Kelly Halldorson, 34, plans to tell more people than the average supporter about Paul when she hands out literature this Saturday while she walks to Concord. From Dover.

"Instead of giving $2,300, I'm going to walk 38 miles," Halldorson said…

This ideal of personal freedom and self reliance is a cornerstone of Paul's campaign, and Halldorson believes more people, particularly in Live Free or Die New Hampshire, would support the congressman if they knew more about him and his views.

With little name recognition and even less media coverage, however, it is up to supporters like her to spread the message. In this case, she'll spread the message from her home in Dover along Route 9 to Route 4 and all the way into Concord.

"I think the word just needs to get out," she says.

Does any major Republican candidate—Romney, Giuliani, Thompson—stir up the kind of passion that Paul does? According to Robert Novak: No.

Republican leaders report that the most enthusiasm among grassroots activists is for Gingrich and libertarian Rep. Ron Paul.

Last week Brian Doherty assessed how good the Paul campaign is for libertarians.