Conservative-Libertarian Alliance Watch


Catching up on some of the past few months magazines, I found this in National Review's "The Week" section, page 6 of the May 28 issue. (This is the unsigned front of the book section, written in official magazine voice.)

From the "Ooo, what a giveaway!" department. (It's alas not online for free.) Context: discussing common misreadings of St. Reagan:

Nor can Reagan be usefully emulated by simply aping his slogans–which are in any case themselves misunderstood. Everyone remembers that Reagan, in his first inaugural address, said that government is not the solution; everyone forgets his modifier, "in this present crisis." We no longer face double-digit inflation, 70 percent tax rates, or an enemy that could wipe out the human race. We need to apply old principles to new circumstances, to think anew….

Here's another Reagan slogan, often forgotten but not too hard to understand. He said it in an interview with reason magazine in our July 1975 issue: "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism."