Civil Liberties

Update on the "Bush Lied" T-Shirts


Three Arizona lawmakers now say they regret their votes in favor of the law aimed at banning the "Bush Lied/They Died" shirts (original post here). But I'm not sure their explanations make them look much better.

"I shouldn't have voted the way I did," House Minority Leader Phil Lopes said. The Tucson Democrat blamed his vote in favor of Senate Bill 1014 on a "senior moment."
Rep. Tom Prezelski, D-Tucson, said he thought problems he originally had with the measure had been fixed. He acknowledged not reading the final version.
And Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, conceded that she wasn't paying attention and was totally unaware of the contents of the bill on which she voted at least twice—once after a proponent of the measure gave a short floor speech explaining the essence of the bill and why he believed it was necessary.
Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, who signed the bill, either wasn't paying attention in law school or can't be bothered with the mere Constitution.
…gubernatorial press aide Jeanine L'Ecuyer said a divided vote would not have resulted in a veto.
"Her concern is for the families who lost someone," L'Ecuyer said.
Asked if Napolitano, a lawyer, believes the measure is unconstitutional, L'Ecuyer's only response was, "The governor signed the bill."
Frankly, I think Napolitano's career went downhill after Bloodletting.