Is McCain Broke?


Marc Ambinder thinks he might be.

Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign is in debt, again. Campaign sources say that the balance sheet reported to the Federal Election Commission on July 15 will include debts of more than $1.5M, including $700,000 owed to an e-technology firm.

Caveat: Ambiner initially reported that Mark Salter, McCain's co-writer and former chief of staff had left the campaign before correcting that he'd only left the payroll. But Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen hear similar buzz about the debt. Keep in mind that he's got $2 million in the bank, so a debt leaves him with a bankroll of Huckabeean proportions.

More McCain here.

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  1. So Mark Salter is now working for McCain’s campaign for free? Full-time? Why would he do that?

  2. Free pizza and blowjobs perhaps?

    What a shock this is. Another politician in charge of spending for the country can’t seem to manage his own election finances without running into debt. Yet I am sure one of his election pledges is to balance the budget and cut spending, right.

    Reminds me of Howard “Scream” Dean and how he was going to balance the budget etc etc and then once he was an also ran turns to begging his supporters for more money to pay off his campaign debts. Yet remember he was going to balance the federal budget and cut spending. If you can not even balance your election budget without running a deficit what in the hell makes you think any of these ass clowns can balance anything.

  3. Is McCain Broke?

    Yes, please fix him.

  4. Yes, please fix him.

    Sorry, but he’s no longer under warranty.

  5. So that’s why he want to take the money out of campaigns.

  6. today reports that “His national finance director, deputy campaign manager, political director, and as many as ten more senior staffers resigned from his Presidential campaign.”

    AP reports “Two veteran Republican strategists are abandoning John McCain’s campaign in Iowa” including Ed Failor Jr, who kept Ron Paul out of the Iowans for Tax Relief forum.

    The same AP story also says “In more bad news for McCain, a co-chair of his Florida campaign – state Rep. Bob Allen – was arrested Wednesday after offering to perform oral sex for $20 on an undercover male police officer, authorities said.”

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