Pants for the Memories


Two weeks ago Judge Judith Bartnoff ruled against Judge Roy Pearson, the servant of the law who sued a dry cleaner $54 million for losing his pants, even though they weren't actually lost. End of story, right? Hah.

Roy Pearson isn't giving up on his $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner over a missing pair of pants. He has filed a motion today asking a DC Superior Court judge to reconsider her verdict.

Pearson says the judge failed to address his legal claims when she ruled that the cleaners didn't violate DC's consumer protection law. He claims the business failed to live up to his expectations of a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign.

If we're getting cold feet about impeaching Bush or Cheney, a suggestion: Impeach this moron as a warm-up act.

UPDATE: jkp "thought it curious that no one's really mentioned the whole 'black community versus the Asian community' angle on this story." This has been discussed by people more interested in the story than me. Check out Justin Levene and google bravely onward.