When I Go Out Tonight, I'm Going to Put on a Fitted Shirt


Sen. McCain reveals the real reason his campaign's been floundering: gay sweaters!

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  1. I don’t know how cool a spoon reference is. Ok, it’s pretty cool.

  2. Are you sure that link is right? I don’t see the connection to Sen. McCain, gays, or sweaters.

  3. Senator McCain longs for the days when they used to say Ma’am and Yes Sir.

    Now he’s going to find new staff for his old used campaign.

  4. The new Spoon is good, too!

    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

  5. Johnny baby, that sweater look faaaaaaaaabulous!

  6. Let’s talk about Spoon in this thread instead of Old Man McCain. Favorite Song? Probably I Turn My Camera On. Maybe Small Stakes. Favorite album of theirs is Kill the Moonlight though I haven’t heard Ga Ga etc. yet. I’ve seen them live a few times and they bring it, so be sure to check them out if they come to your hometown.

  7. Obligatory pseudo-libertarian Spoon song: “The Government Darling”
    Ok, so they’re self-described socialists, but whatever.

  8. For The Record: The link has been changed.

  9. “We get high in the back seats of cars” – from the best Spoon song ever.

  10. Favorite albums ranked:
    1. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (yeah, it’s that good)
    2. Kill The Moonlight
    3. Gimme Fiction
    4. Girls Can Tell

    Favorite songs:
    1. Vittorio E
    2. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    3. Anything You Want

    Saw them in MA a couple of months back. They did in fact bring it.

  11. “Jonathon Fisk” has my favorite Spoon lyric:

    “Tells Me He Counts My Teeth Every Night
    I Want To Get Them All Back Now”

  12. Caught them at Bonnaroo this year (Spoon, that is … not McCain and his gay sweaters). 90 degrees in the shade and they still brought it. “Small Stakes” was the bee’s knees.

  13. I like Paper Tiger.

  14. “Everything Hits at Once” is my current fave, but subject to change without notice. For you lucky New Yorkers, they’re playing live at Rockefeller Park tonight.

  15. I like Fitted Shirt, Paper Tiger, Lines in the Suit.

    McCain’s ratings plummeted further when his handlers later began licking their own fingers with saliva in order to wipe off visible food or dirt stains from Senator McCain’s face in public.

    This also greatly annoyed him, and only served to contribute to his gay sweater-wearing image.

  16. The true spoon lover is into Telamon Bridge, their best damn song ever.

  17. No, the true Spoon lover has recordings of Britt Daniel kicking in the womb.

  18. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned “Don’t Make Me A Target” yet. The opener of their new disc is the perfect anthem for non-interventionist policy.

    Oh, and if you don’t have “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” yet, get it. I can’t think of any other band currently recording that has released five consecutive albums as consistently brilliant as Spoon’s output from “A Series of Sneaks” to the present.

  19. I thought Gimme Fiction was a bit of a letdown (though it did have I Summon You and I Turn My Camera On, two of my faves), so my enthusiasm for them waned a bit. However, based on this thread, I shall get Ga Ga tonight.

  20. For those on the fence, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is being streamed for free (legally) on the Merge records site.


  21. “Jonathon Fisk” has my favorite Spoon lyric:

    Religion don’t mean a thing. Just another way to be right wing.

    Anyway, I hate to be one of those “early stuff” guys, because their current stuff is really fantastic too, but Telephono and Series of Sneaks are fabulous albums. Unfortunately, the few times I’ve seen them live, I haven’t heard much of anything from those albums. It’s fuckin’ torture to me.

  22. I, too, was let down by Gimme Fiction although it did have some great songs. I downloaded Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga because it happened to come out when my eMusic downloads recharged. It is so great that Urkobold has declared today Spoon Day.

  23. I realize this might be getting out of hand, but Spoon will be on Letterman tonight.

  24. Thanks for the info, Soda (did George Costanza name you, by the way?)

  25. Hah! No, he did not.

  26. As for the sweaters (or doesn’t anyone want to talk about them?):

    “The Mr. Rogers-inspired wardrobe was on its finest display last spring…”

    Mr. Rogers only wore Cardigans, and they were zip-ups at that.

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